China will receive her & # 39; first moon ever made on the dark side of the moon International


On this Thursday, China published his ship rover on land on the hidden side of the moon, a moon sites have ever been made.

The Asian giant put the milestone on Twitter, through the official media, China Daily, but At moments he disbanded.

However, a summary after that, the same indication showed that the boat had an impact on the moon at 10:26 in Beijing, 21:26 in the silence.

It was at 01:14 a Thursday, on a national soil, the final message came from the authorities: "Chang Chang (4) from China ashore on the hidden part of the moon"

Take | Twitter
Take | Twitter

Sadly, the "darker side of the moon", as it is not always a move to & # 39; Looking to the ground, although it is well-being, the human race to date has not investigated this area of ​​the satellite.

With his meters maximum and one half meter long, there are six wheels and two sun panels that fall on; this informal car.

In September 2015, she tells China that he intends to complete this trip with her aim of learning geological conditions and low frequency radio waves.

Chang is the name of a diary of a moon in Chinese mythology and this time happened to the third, who was in administration – in 2013 – carried a satellite carriage named by Yutu, who is known as the logo of these deities.

Xinhua | Distribution
Xinhua | Distribution

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