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The United States gave an export ban, which cut off the Chinese factory development line Fujian Jinhua. Is China ready to fight? Chinese officials said that the anti-monopoly research on the global memory memorial has made great progress. China is thought to face the US and move pressure technology. The price of the Micron department had sunk by almost 7%.

On the 19th, Micron fell 6.62% for closing at 36.83, the lowest rate from October 30. At the same time, Micron's 50-day mobile 50-year average was bankrupt; 200-day mobile average to perform "cross death" of technical study; This typically represents a short-term short-term energy loss.

On the 19th, Samsung Electronics dropped 0.80% for closing 43,650 wins, and SK Hynix fell 0.43% for closing 69,800 wins.

The Financial Times and the Korea Times said Wu Zhenguo, leader of China Anti-Monopoly Bureau, said that the monopoly surveys of the memory giants, Micron, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, made a lot of progress and got "real evidence ". These three companies manage 95% of the global DRAM market.

In recent times, the Sino-SA trade conflict has been heated up. The ban on the export of the US in October was the Fujian Jinhua development plan. The company was planning to deliver DRAM next year. Every party is worried that China could express serious penalties through an anti-monopoly investigation. Former Inspector Macquarie, Daniel Kim, said that China was a Chinese anti-monopoly analysis tool in a & # 39; a trade war, and Beijing can be used as a bargaining captain to co-ordinate with the United States.

Inspector SK Securities, Kim Young-woo, said that Beijing decides to control the price of the third plant, in the worst case, it may impose a fine of over 2.5 billion dollars the USA. This will add more pressure to reduce DRAM prices. The industry may need to establish more joint ventures with China and move technology to Chinese factories.

South Korean business resources said they should start with US companies only if China is to deal with the United States. This is too bright, and the South Korea factory will also be the aim of archery. China is an important market for DRAM. According to SK Securities data, China accounted for 51% of MS semiconductor income; Miller last year. In Samsung Electronics semiconductor income, sales in China accounted for 40%. For SK Hynix, Chinese sales also represented 33%.

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