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RT On 21/11, China's government has just destroyed a false line condom large scale. So, this line used to recycle condoms in new jerseys and sell them to hotels and supermarkets. It is known that the value of these vessels was broken up to $ 7 million.

An international condoman has a condoms cover 1
Fungi, thin, unsuitable fittings are filled and even holes in broken condom bags captured by Chinese authorities. Art Work: Global Look.

The police have taken over 500,000 Durex brand genealogy boxes in factories in three Chinese divisions. 17 related subjects were arrested in Hebei, Henan and Zhejiang after police found information that a local businessman was selling condoms at prices that were expected to have an adverse effect.

"The manufacturing facilities in these towns are poorly ill. We have recorded the image that they created the condom. They would mix a condom with silicone oil in a large bowl. ; Meet the prescribed prescribed levels, "said Sheriff Zheng Xidan from Cangnan County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

According to authorities, fractal coatings are made in the Henan, Hubei area and then filled in Zhejiang.


It is difficult to have a fungus in the service, to wear sack surfaces unequivocally and even holes. Small retailers appear to be resistant against the major profits that are causing a commercial fraud – each pouch has broken its & # 39; It costs only 14 cents while it's & # 39; means the price is up to $ 22.

Henan's regional court does not have 10 equal issues to make beautiful and unusual puppets in China, from 2014 to date. Defendants were found guilty of imprisonment for up to four years. In 2/2018, the police took over 2 million Durex rubber and beautiful Okamoto in the Shanxi division.

By 2015, Shanghai's policeman has gotten up to 3 million dolphins of a brooch that includes toxic metal worth £ 1.67 million. Typically, the Durex logo is made at a cost of 1 cent / 1ch. However, compared to the yesterday's line, network operations in eight sectors in China have placed materials on online cottages at the right price of the product. Condom is true.

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