12 people buried in the landslide of Sichuan Europe, China – 8 news releases and events

In a town and town in the Sichuan Region, China, a large range of landslides came and three farm houses were moved and 12 people were buried. Ten people have been saved successfully. However, three days died and were on the way to hospital and one person lost communication.

There was a town in Zhangzhou City, Sichuan Province at 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, and the landslide fell suddenly. The landslide was approximately 30,000 cubic meters. The authorities put over 1,000 rescuers to carry out research and rescue. The rescue team used a radar life detector, and also set detection and rescue dogs to carry out surveys of the landslide range, and try to save the locked people. Due to the dedication of the safety of the staff, the search and rescue team can not use large devices, but use the broken wall or hand rummage.

Zou Dengquan, Zhangzhou's fire brigade captain, said: "There are about seven or eight points in the survey. Falling is almost impossible. The main reason is that there are places where people are buried. making holes. It could be dangerous to rescue like this. "

At 6 o'clock on Monday, the crew rescued and rescued two others, increasing the number of salaries to ten. At the moment, five are treated in hospitals, one of which is in an important state. Another 2 year girl was found that there were no essential signs when found. The landslide situation is near a road construction site. There was light rain in the local area a few days before the event, and the cause of the accident is still under review.

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