2019 Innovative Register Communications Media CCTV Media Media Audiences A total of 1.173 Billion People – Xinhuanet – Xinhuanet

  1. 2019 CCTV Spring Spring Night listeners list an overall audience of media audiences of 1.173 billion people – Xinhuanet Xinhuanet
  2. Baidu App Spring Spring Evening Interactive 20.8 billion times for 900 million red packets – Baidu Baidu cnBeta
  3. 2019 "A dreamer cleaner" will start at the Spring CCTV Festival at the Fiesta year working hard Happy
  4. 2019 Afternoon Spring Package Battle Report Fèis Sìne Spring: Baidu 900 million cash interconnection 20.8 billion times Multidimensional News Network
  5. Spring Festival Evening Secret: Technology to enhance the unprecedented audiences – Drama home cneta
  6. Show a full story of Google News

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