Annual schedule: Google Play2018 hot apps, books, TV shows and films –

Google has published the best Android apps, films, TV shows and books on Google Play in the app store of this year.

A list of the hot selling apps is on the weekly list of the week published by Google, as well as some of the premium apps that Google staff are elected. Google has also added the best customer categories, and the apps that have been selected are selected by Google Play users.

The list includes the best apps, the best entertaining apps, the most advanced apps, the best promotional apps, and the apps that you have better life. Each department has a number of companies with an application final, and a few other items that are similar to the list. If you used a popular claim and if you want to try new products, you can choose.

Here's a Play of the Year list for 2018:

Best application:

Drops: Learn 31 new languages

Digital color application Number

Neverthink short video application

Vibrating International Edition TikTok

Podcast Scout FM App

YouTube YouTube

Learning code to submit Mimo

Apply 10% assessment course easier

Icon for Fitness Fitness App Keep Trainer

Cooking, singing, performing and MasterClass for learning other skills

Request VIMAGE camera

Notepad Smart Application Cardboard Notes

Reduce Sift's appeal application sales prices

Canva Design Planning Application

Item description and statement statement submission

Robot will show Psychotherapy Woebot

Apply the SLOWLY pen pen application

Using a Fantasy Painting Appearance Faster Just A Line

Presentation of Visual Story Demonstration

Visual design application slowly

Spanish Learning Request Learn Spanish Le Lirica

"Jesus Survival: Request Overseas Editorial Game" Blow up "Mobile PUBG

Tasty cooking teaching bid

Best film:

Black Panther

Avengers: Infinity War

"Ray 3: The Twilight of the Gods" (Thor: Ragnarok)

"The Brave Game: Judging the Jungle" (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle)

Dead 2 (Deadpool 2)

Best television series:

The Dead Walking

River Valley (Riverdale)

Big Bang Theory

"The Flash"

"Pat patrol" (PAW Patrol)

Best EBook:

"Fire and Fury: Trump White House Insider" (Fire and Fury), Author: Michael Wolff

"Outsider" (The Outsider), Author: Stephen King

"Fear: Trump White House" (Fear), Author: Bob Woodward

"Life of Law" (12 Regulations for Life), Author: Jordan .B Peterson

"Girl, daughter of face" (Girl, Clean Your Face), Author: Rachel Hollis

The best pot books:

"Life of Law" (12 Regulations for Life), Author: Jordan .B Peterson

"Girl, daughter of face" (Girl, Clean Your Face), Author: Rachel Hollis

"Fear: Trump White House" (Fear), Author: Bob Woodward

"Bi" (Becoming), Author: Michelle Obama

"Outsider" (The Outsider), Author: Stephen King

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Translator: Pessy

Review: Xia Lin

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