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2018-12-07 01:09:28 Source: Jane Securities Journal

From the beginning of this year, Continents have continued to change and change. Looking forward to its & # 39; market, including the director of macro research on the Big Asset Strategy on the Wall to Wei Da, & # 39; there may not be large or indirect risks in sections. It is likely that new steps for reform and opening and measures related to regular growth will be introduced, particularly in the future. The US interest rate may also be completed, and China's cash policy will get more.

Gu Wei Da believes, in the future, sections will affected by shocks. Investors are encouraged to focus on technology and electronic stocks such as electronics and communications that have dropped considerably due to external factors, as well as computers, media, cures and chemicals, transport, shoe, power and resources. However, after the revival, after January 2019, registered companies began to publish annual reports of 2018. Some registered companies that are performing significantly lower than expected to # 39; market, or the risk of loss of property as a goodwill. Investors need to keep track of and stop them too.

(Source Article: China Securities Journal)

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