Bundesliga-Lewan black-haired Ruffs Ribéry Bayern 3-0 near 10 first-round nonsense _ Nuremberg

Original number: Bundesliga-Lewan double-sound Ribéry Baked Bayern 3-0 near 10 voices first zero

At Beijing's time on December 8th at 22:30, 2018-2019, the Bundesliga was the 14th visit of the Bavarian Derby, the defense of Bayern Munich; defeating the 3-0 stadium Anlian over the newly promoted Nuremberg, the last ten matches of the autumn of the league for its first time. In the 9th minute, Lewan made the ball the goal. In the 27th minute, Levan Gretzka added to her; long cross to fill the empty door. In 56 minutes, Gennabur was fired and Ribery shot her; first aim of the season.

There are 13 walks in the league, Bayern 7, 3, & nbsp; drag and 3 loss, 25 walks and 18 goals left, 24 points were ranked fourth in the league; Nuremberg 2 was a? winning, 5 drawings and 6 losses, visited 14 visitors and lost 30 visits. 15th The last weekend's league, which won Bayern 2-1 over Bremen, finishing the three previous trips; Nuremberg 1-1 draws Leverkusen at home. Bayern's injuries include J Ronaldo, Robben and Tolso, and Nuremberg's Matiana, Berens and Valentini are not also available. In history, the two teams played 68 tours (60 Bundesliga, 8 German Cups), Bayern 43 winning, 13 drawings and 12 losses, 126 visits were moved and lost 70 goals, and benefited . The final game was between the two teams in the Bundesliga in the 2013-2014 season. Bayern's home was away and 2-0 to complete his / her; killed twice. Nuremberg has challenged Bayern in six recent games. In this campaign, Bayern's starting point is just like the final tour of the league, Kimihi is still involved with Gretz, and Gnabri and Ribery are separated.

In the 9th minute, Bayern removed her & # 39; row in series. Leònean built Kimi's right cascade to visit. Lewan took the ball into the net before attacking the opponent's opponent. 1-0, Bayern died quickly. Levan won the eighth goal of the league.

In the 18th minute, Muller was killed by the enemy's guardian near the bottom bottom of the pipe. In a 24-minute moment, the right of a Gnaburi limited range was in line with the # 39; Muller 2 wall over 2. The first was an independent member. Lewan followed the final picture in front of the back door and was kicked.

In the 27th minute, Gretzka made a cold arrow outside the confined space. The ball hit his car and Lewan's lion was easily arrested and got 2-0, Lewan got twice and the league hit 9. Levante has completed 50 goals of one game in 2 hits and higher in history, the second only to Heynckes (51 times) and Gade Muller (87 hours).South Westerly

In a 40 minute, Levan jump on the edge of the area; little punishment. In 44 minutes, Kimihi went out the freedom out in front of her visit. In a & # 39; In the case, Boateng was fired above the crops. At the end of the second half, Bayern took the lead with two goals.

In the second half, both sides were fighting alongside. In a & # 39; 46 minutes, Rafinia put the ball on the right side of the road. Gretzka took a ball after her step, and Lewan hit the ball with salt. Kimihe went out and the gauger pushed for a fight. The line below.from

In 56 minutes, Nuremberg Biawov opened the long goal, Gnaburi joined the member and made the ball fast. Muller made the ball in a limited area and then divided the ball on the right. Block, Ribéry after him, Bectov banned his ball, but the ball still had a problem in his legs, 3-0, Ribéry got his head; first aim of the season.

In 59 minutes, Alaba lost a free caste. In the 62 minutes, Bayern changed for two, Koeman replaced Ribéry, and Tiago replaced Gretzka. In the 64th minute, Nuremberg's left held on & # 39; Co-operation with the Bayern defensive line, and Kirk dropped low in the confined space. In 66 minutes, Alaba dropped Misedyan and got her first yellow card after opening. In 75 minutes, Wagner put in and replaced Gnabri. In a 77 minute minute, the view was close close to the left hand side of Alaba to the limited area just off the road. In the 88th minute, Alaba's free blow grew on the wall. In 90 minutes, Kimi Siyi sent out the middle door and put the line up. At the end, Bayern won the 69th Bavarian Derby 3-0 victory over Nuremberg.

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Bayern (4-2-3-1): 1-Neuer / 13-Rafinha, 4-juner, 17-Boaten, 27-Alaba / 32-Kimshi, 18-Greys Card (6-Tiago 62 & 39) 22-Gonabri (2-Wagner 75 & 39), 25-Muller, 7-Ribery (29-Koman 62 & 39) / 9-Lewandoff Skith

Nuremberg (3-2-2-1-2): 1-Bredolov / 8-bauer, 33-Margretel, 28-Muhr / 23-Rebold, 2-Gordon / 29-Elas (4-Eveton 84 & , 38-Lahn (31-Petrak 70 & 39) / 10-Korke (11-Zarek 70 & 39) / 24-Misdejan 9-Isak

Technical statistics from both parties

Bayern score (highest Lewan)

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