Deng Chao "Crazy Fan" came to the platform to accept Xiao Jingteng. The insurance was hit by security Xiao Jingteng | Deng Chao Fans_ 新浪 娱乐 _ 新浪 网

Deng ChaoDeng Chao "Crazy Fan" came to the platform to capture Xiao Jingteng

Sina Entertainment News November 22, Deng Chao[微博]Song Wei[微博]Yu Wenle[微博]Bai Yu[微博]Waiting to be & # 39; attending a brand event in Shanghai. Xiao Jingteng[微博]As an entertainer player, I played on the stage. During its performance, Deng Chao went to the stage and captured Xiao Jingteng. The securityists believed that the fans did the platform quickly to protect the car and Deng Chao almost lost. Then Xiao Jingteng sent this video to a personal social account too, and sent a message saying: "My big brother is too quick to get up, my security brother (security protection), for In a minute he did not know he almost lost the big brother, but also his brother's good. The performance of the gear is very good, thanks for the support of the high brother. "Komunicated comedy netizen:" The -and-brother now is an anti-server thrown down with security guard "," the big brother is still not red "," ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Hey, Mr Deng. "(Recreation / New Text)

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