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After the advancement of the "Double Eleven" merchants, the "Double Twelve" is also coming sooner. Food Elements "Double Eleven" won a new record of 213.5 billion yuan. The "twelve" is the last major promotion at the end of the year, many businesses allowed the final edition to do it.

Recently, some users have said they heard a message in the radio ads – the APP launched Flash Flash Pay "it's not easy to pay for half of 12.12 Pay Union", but after Download and download the app It has been found that UnionPay can not "pay you half". The advertisement indicates that it is uncertain and its; Click on download and use users.

Half a half, the offer is a copy

"Pay Union is paying half for you!" Right! It's not easy to be true! This wool is consistent.

The cloud cloud that pays an APP homepage with a conspicuous position; hang an advertisement "Ci Lian who paid half of you".

The APP Cloud Flash Pay is the consolidated unit payment strategy project for the bank business. According to the users, the reporter paid the APP for cloud clouds, and the advert is on the front page of the home page which hung "Ci Lian who paid half to you ", with" 12.12 UnionPay to pay half-half for you "," 12.12 for cost "and" 50% discount ". Texts and photographs that were obviously used for transparency, but the reporter saw that it seemed to be just the destination of 10 yuan to 88 yuan; there. The basic information provided by these contributions is not markedly marked by the words above "CUP for half of you", "price" and "five percent", and not It is not specified but in the # 39; small number of business regulations.

The user said that he heard the broadcast saying that the spending of twelve can enjoy reducing a price, then download and install, and find non-advertisements.

The cloud cloud that pays an APP homepage with a conspicuous position; hang an advertisement "Ci Lian who paid half of you".

Solicitor: It is believed that the advert is & # 39; appearing prominently

In this regard, Beijing Pangbiao Law Firm Pang Shuai said that when users "look at the" premium "and" mitigate five percent ", they seem to be reasonable, totally and kindly her & # 39; understood as half of the price price. , at the same time, which affects users to & # 39; download the cloud cloud pay APP or make a decision to pay UnionPay membership payment payments to & # 39; buy buy.

Article 20, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law of China's Republic of China states: "The operator will inform consumers about the presence, performance, use and decline of goods or services, and will be generous and comprehensive , and it will not be wrong or misleading. Misunderstanding propaganda. "Article 4, paragraph 1, of the Public Law says:" Advertising may not have a false or misleading content, and may not be to mislead or delete users ".

"At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of Article 28 of the Law, it is anticipated that advertisements issued by UnionPay Yunxue will have a wrong advertisement that will eliminate" use and extinguish. Any unit or anyone obtains a management and management department within the administrative area. That is, the business and commercial authorities) complaints and reporting. Users' associations have the right to make social guidance. Whenever they have been identified as fraudulent advertising according to the law, they will deal with administrative penalties such as to block advertising with the relevant authorities and fines of advertising costs between three and five times. "Solicitor Pang Shuai explained.

In parallel, the "unlimited pack" preceded a large number of users under the strong influence of the three leading companies. However, users have discovered after using the "non-endless" traffic is typically a & # 39; requires a limiting speed after 20G, which is inconsistent with the operator's "non-endless" propaganda. As a result, the advertising campaigns of "unfinished packages" stopped the three main companies with the relevant departments, and relevant scrutiny and correction were carried out immediately. The main problem is unreasonable behavior of restricted conditions in the propaganda and "unfinished" rules are named.

Solicitor Pang Shuai said companies should be involved in making objections and giving full respect to consumers. Strengthen the regulation in publicity to avoid fraudulent users.

APP Cloud Flash Pay does not seem to have a wrong propaganda uploading users.


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