Experts find water detectors in the planetary world of 179 years light from Earth – Science Survey – cnBeta.COM

According to the "Daily Mail" which was reported on November 23, the scientists have made new progress in searching for outdoor and outdoor life. Find water in the 8787c planet 876c planet rainwater, but no meat.

A group viewed at the Keck Observatory in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, has a water in the atmosphere; HR 8799c but only methane gas.

A planet is located in Sagittarius. It is one of the four planets that contain; knocking the higher HR 8799. It is seven times as big as Jupiter and 179 years old from the Earth.

Technological technology experts used to show that water in the atmosphere was the plants and the lack of plants. The team expanded great spirals and solvents so that Earth does not have the air, its pictures of the planet, and its. using a spectrometer to get planet light to get a chemical detection in the atmosphere.

Although radars have taken photographs of more than twelve foreign planets, HR 8799 is the only multi-planetary solar system built up to date. Experts now want to repeat this process for asteroids that are closer to the stars.

Keck scientists aim to look for chemicals that are suitable for life, such as water, oxygen and meat, in ground planet flavors. This objective can be achieved through a 30-meter telescope used.

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