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Xinhua Newspaper Group, Xichang, 8th December: Five implementations on the panorama survey project: "Gold Rocket" has been praised; runs to the moon on the 4th

Xinhua Group Reporter, Hu Wei, Xie Wei, Jing Huai

On 8 December 2018, the changzheng carriage rooster No. 3 B, developed by the First Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the Number 4 detector into the orbit. The event was launched on the 95th anniversary of the series 3A Long March 3, the 13th edition in 2018, and the fifth time it was launched for a white survey project.

Previously, the 3A Long MarchA series of launchers have entered its first phase of Project Number 1, No. 2, No. 3, and Lunar to fly flying, which can be considered as a solution to the moon. Special train. "

Lien Chan Lian Jie: Once again Reinstalling China's Single Single Car Lantern

The Long March 3A rocket series consists of three clean-book, Long March 3, Long March 3, Long March 3, Changsan, Changsan, and Changsan. The main force of the high density box is the rocket series with the highest number of receptions and the highest level of success in China's current high-ranking exile. He has also respected him for "Golden Rocket".

From 2007 to 2018, the Changjiajia rocket series produced five satellite, two satellite, one recycling vehicle and two helium sprays into the orbit. Jin Zhiqiang, the chief executive of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group's rocket system, said the mission of its high-level lunchtime monitoring mission and the accuracy of the orbit. The excellent Changjiajia rockets are a very suitable, diverse platforms and precision precision precision. Stand away from the crowd and the option was left; better to launch its & # 39; pool inspection project. Successful immersion move to & # 39; This box is the annual inaugural record of China unlocking vehicles.

As China's first three-dimensional ceramic rocket rocket, the Changjiajia rocket series has always been at & # 39; implement a "three-way" idea of ​​"sequences, combinations and genres" from the design of its project. Changsanjia, Changsanyi and Changsan The C-3 rockets have a very good estate and value. After years of efforts, the technological quality and quality of the rocket product were significantly improved, and, establishing a technical base for rocket series products and the implementation of strong strength demonstration mines. Constitution.

Jin Zhiqiang introduced the evolution of rockets from Changsanjia lines since the 1980s. After more than 30 years of continuous improvement and development, they have been gradual growth, with high dependence and better performance indicators. This is the oldest and oldest technology in China. Rocaidean series.

65 technical status improvements: more trust is improved better

In the first showcases, the Changjiajia rocket series has shown that the "capacities" are essential for the confidence of their lunar survey project, but the development team has been experiencing a " confirms not to fight, and to # 39; doing good work with tough and sensible style. Work.

"In order to ensure the success of the opening, the development team has sufficiently prepared and taken measurement lines to strengthen quality control." Jin Zhiqiang told reporters: "Through the complete implementation of the system of responsibility, a range of support support, strengthening the test test, tight-state control Strengthening work 14 aspects such as risk analysis and control, and reinforcing control quality. "

For example, in choosing low temperature engines, there are four units at the same time, with two units with the best performance chosen for this work. In terms of product performance assessment, the 50-hour single-generation output power output period rises, and the number of comprehensive certification appraisals has been increased. Focusing on a specific risk analysis on its narrow window box & & # 39; Winter on the No. 4 mission, plans 520.

In order to continuously improve the degree of success and reliability of the rocket design of Changsanjia lines, there is no planning development work to improve its reliance. Compared to the state when 嫦娥 3 was launched, the long-running three-six rockets were made 65 hours ago. Technical status improvements, 60 of which were confirmed in other initiatives.

Opening of puppies, detailed orbital: technological innovation for observers

To make full use of multi-digit crackers of a 4-digit mission within two days, and by reducing the risk of & # 39; launched, the technological technique rocket "deleted the 24 hour box after the completion of low temperatures", and # 39; filling the water and the fluid oxygen at the small fire in the rocket. After the in-house, the connection can be suspended for 24 hours without holding the connection off. Through this technological innovation, the rocket can modify the opening requirements of many opening windows within 2 days after the completion of a low temperature.

"This is the first time in China. If the low filling is used as a signal that the rocket system is ready, then with this technology, the prepared state can be extended 24 hours, which develops the ability of a rocket to change to a degree of work. Chen Hao, the leading aerospace Science and Technology Company's rocket system designer.

There are two opening machines each day in the driver 嫦娥 4. To ensure the launch of the rocket at a time within the required time of launching the window, the development team has developed make track design and product reliability.

Jin Zhiqiang said: "On the one hand, it accepts the railway design technology that responds to multi-window and narrow window constraints. On the other hand, it accepts to reliability design and partner development for its main sub-system and a single unique rogue device to ensure that the limit is about disabling a narrow window. "

In order to meet the requirements of Entry 4 entry detector accuracy into the moonlight movement passageway, Changshuangyi rocket developer has further developed the accuracy of Number 4 detector design by optimizing results and algorithm fitting. The accuracy of Number 3's confidence design has risen by more than 30%, and the mission has been completed to complete the mission; walk and flow to the moon. (Participating in writing: Jiang Zhe)

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