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The American Steel Armstrong stops turning on the moon.

According to relevant sources from the Chinese National Administration Administration, China will put a call on No. 4 am this month and he plans to come back behind the moon. Before that, China will be the first country in the world to land on the back of the moon.

As the closest neighbor on the earth, the moon is the largest cradle that is visible to the eye. For thousands of years, moon is not in human literature and even legends and legends. Clear moon in the clear moon as jade always encourages humanity. The brain tumors have been seriously considered, and a number of sounds about the moon are widely circulated.


The causes of American Apollo's moon sites are shaped

20 July 1969 is a day in human history. On this day, the American armstrong Armstrong set up the land of the moon and became a major step in humanity, The first person was aboard the moon. However, some think Apollo's moon presence is made up. People did not succeed but did not; hitting the moon. The appropriate photo was taken in the studio, and the pictures were fake.

There are four main points in the "evidence" suggested by these white conflicts: First, a moon is in a vacant place. Why did the warriors put an American flag on the surface of the moon, national flag that flows in & # 39; wind? Secondly, there are different height resistors that show that there is a fairly high level, means there is a volunteer light translation. Third, why are two pedes of some solvents the only source of light of the sun? Fourth, Armstrong's footprint on a moon is very clear and can be artificially created.

Regarding these doubts, the Chinese Science Academy is aimed at Ouyang Ziyuan once. He says that the situation is causing the country's flag to cause its national flag. When the warriors put the national flag on the surface of the moon, the banner will flowing due to its unstable venue of award-winning, and its moon does not rise as the ground, so the sway lasts for a long time; The problem is caused by the uneven moon surface. If the slide "passes" is a large dock, the "short" mirror appears in the picture; The problem is costly caused by the landlord, made of metal material There is a variety of revival, and Sunlight reflects several angles, and so it gives a ghost. Shoe printing is a problem; mostly in the moon's surface with powder mines. The surface of the sound is on the surface of rough powder. Take along so the footprint is particularly clear.

"Apollo has landed over 40 years later, and" Chang "II, Jane, is a moon-maker in Japan, a detector & Moon Ship One & # 39; India, and the launch of the pond test at the USA on a large number of photographs, including In some configuration images, Lonely carriages, moon models, wheeled traits and experimental equipment of Apollo's warriors have found a moon. Many of their criminals are convinced that someone is on board the moon. Luo Dengyue is real. "Zheng said Yongchun, researcher at the National Scientist Academy of Scientists, the Scientist and Daily Technology Scientist.

Factions of enemies behind the moon

Under the influence of the earth, we can only see one side of the moon, and its back has never shown people. This also makes behind the moon a secret place. For this reason, there are many facts behind the moon. The best known in the community is behind the moon. The emigrants stayed a base there.

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