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"You're so lucky, I've seen this movie with me!"

At the end of the month, Hollywood star, Jason Moma, at a film conference in Beijing.Indeed, barriers from Hollywood can seldom choose to be a world-wide flagship in China. In most instances, the film is a priority in North America, and Chinese fans have the "scam" or look at it. But this time, the situation was completely restored.

On 7 December, "Haiwang", led by Warner Bros. Pictures and led by Chinese Wen Ziren leader in China.from

It was two weeks earlier than North America.

"Sea King" was surprisingly released in China for less than three days, and the reputation of his / her box was good. According to the real-time data of the eye of cats,from

in terms ofAt 7:00 am on 9 December, the "Haiwang" box office has reached 610 million yuan.

On the water, "Sea King" received 8.2.

"Sea King" is a superhero in the possession of Detective Comics. As DC and Marvel are regarded as the other, the success of "Neptune" is for reasons and helpers to shout out, and finally they're off on the big screen! It's probably the risk of "Sea King". On the day of the "Sea King" scene on 7 December, Marvel dropped the "Avengers 4" trailer in advance.

It's not just a success but "Sea King", his director, Wen Ziren, also followed the fire in China.To promote "Sea King", Wen Ziren came to China for the first time, and # 39; Performing activities in different towns, watching fans and media interviews. His identity and knowledge in Hollywood has been a hot topic outside the film.

Wen Ziren: I'm Chinese.

Wen Ziren is not high, her little body, face is still a child, and is usually casual. If you meet it on the streets of a city in China, you will not see that this is a Hollywood director.

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Wen Ziren, 41, is a Chinese from Malay. At 7, he and his family went over to Australia and spent most of his youth there. He received a degree in literature from the Melbourne Royal Technology Institute. Majoring in the Chinese nationality department.This propaganda of "Sea King" is the first time he came to China.

When he came to China this time, Wen Ziren also continued to explain his "complex life experience". He even called this trip to China "to go home." It is uncertain that the reports and the stories about it have taken many subjects to the film.

According to the "Global Times" report, Wen Ziren was very impressed by his & her; news conference:

I'm Chinese, but I was born abroad. I'm very happy to go home at this time, and I'm very pleased to take the job out of the way to China and share it with my family!

According to Time Network Mtime, during the advancement period in China, a reporter on Wen Ziren asked if he was to speak Mandarin. D & # 39; He cried sadly and said he was not Mandarin or Cantonese; there. "from

My mother speaks of Minnan dialect. Dad is talk about Hakka dialect. The difference is very large, so it's more a part.".

Although he has not been living in China, Wen Ziren is fascinating by Chinese films. According to the Red Star News report, when he asked if he would give an idea of ​​the Chinese elements to the future films, he said: "I am Chinese in , and so I heard a lot of Chinese stories when I was growing up. I have been very enjoyable since I was young. " Journey to the west. Sun Wukong's story is very good, and the philosophy behind its character is very interesting. I'm sure to & # 39; discussing some of the Chinese elements in future films.

Master of the scandal

In a movie industry, some directors have a reputation, and many people go to see the film director, such as Christopher Nolan, as Spielberg. But there are also some directors, you may have seen many of his jobs, but the director himself is not familiar with himself. Wen Ziren is this section.

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Do not seeWen Ziren is not old, butIn Hollywood, in the movie industry, he already has the title "master". The series "Súg an Néachta", "Soul of the Spirit", "Death", "Hidden", "Live 2" is its jobs. The success of these works has been a capital of his life in Hollywood.from

So it's called "the horrible filmmaster".

Wen Ziren loves movies very horrible and is related to personal experience. When Wen Ziren was 14 years old, his father died, who had a great influence on him. After this he had the choice for horrible films, especially "plasma-type" films. Besides that, he often adds a diamond, and later he became the stuff in his; his film.

At the Melbourne Royal Technology Institute, Wen Ziren met the good friends thereafter and good partners – Ray Warner.There is a great deal of love for horrible movies. make it both hit.

After graduating from the college, the brothers were not varied well because they could not find work and were almost on the streets.Ray Warner, who has been suffering from life and mental stress, even at Believe it has become a "brain tumor." In such a difficult world, the two made a "bad story" in the lower floor of the house, "The Chainsaw Cry".

In 2003, after preparing for the property, the film made a tiny film with a rough picture – just 9 minutes of "The Chainsaw Cry (Prequel)" and brought to the Lions Gate. After looking at Lionsgate, he decided to make the film bigger. The first "Secrets of the Chainsaw" was only 5 days for his / her; shot, and the filming took 18 days. All the actors did not have custom. Wen Ziren did not pay pre-paid pay, but he chose the apportionment. from

Unbelievably, Wen Ziren created a "wonderful box office": the film cost is $ 1.2 million, and has a $ 103 million global box office!At this time, the "Nineteen Snow" series is released in eight. As well as the first one, Wen Ziren is a producer or screener. At the same time, Wen Ziren also guides "horror", "dead silence", "latent", "latent 2" and other horrible films, it is a small cost of a large box office. ministry.

Hollywood business experts do not know why Wen Ziren can always do a box office with very little cost and a very short time, just like "Shen Ma Ma".

"Not just a horrible film director"

Although he loves movies is terrible, Wen Ziren is not easy. I also like acting films, love movies, and I like to kill in commercial trading a major major.

Ten years after his first "Gunner of the Snow" was released, Wen Ziren gave her the chance to go to # 39; Managing the production of a high cost of films.

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In April 2013, Global Global Wen Ziren gave a film on "Speed ​​and Passion 7". At that time, some questions can a film leader be able to control the & # 39; this enterprising band?

At the end, Wen Ziren moved back to $ 1.5 billion box office with a cost of $ 250 million.Again, as long as the film is on its hand, there is an office; box is proven.

In 2015, Wen Ziren in an interview with Timmata Mtime said "Speedy 7" is a goldmarket.This work is not a type of antagonism that can control you by one hand. Depending on & # 39; respecting the features of the series "Speedy", I hope to make changes.

Although I can not show my talents, Wen Ziren still shows that he is not the only one. I'm going to make movies horrible.

Although "Sea King" is a superintendent in DC comics, he has never been on the big screen. So this time Wen Ziren got the freedom to be able to create.

Hollywood life as an Asian director

Haiwang Wen Ziren's commercial success can play a & # 39; most.Will Hollywood or Asian leaders live in Hollywood?

In January this year, the University of Southern California's Journalism and Communication School reported a survey report that did not change the status of Asian or Asian leaders in Hollywood for 11 years from 2007 to 2017.from

Among the 1,223 directors of the 1,100 films in the 11 years, only Asian or Asian leaders were only 3.2%.

The report also reported that more than five Asian leaders were led by Wen Ziren in the last 11 years, and Knight Shamalan, and Zhu Haowei and Lin Yibin, led four films. 65% of Asian leaders were not directly guided once during the whole time.

In 2017, only five of the 109 film directors came from Asian Hollywood, which accounted for 4.6%.This ratio is even lower than in 2013.

Although Hollywood still praises complex creatures, the progress is not important in terms of the number of small directors.

Although they face a lot of hardship, Wen Ziren is still willing to go ahead in Hollywood and even to go out of different ways. In an Screen Screen interview, Wen Ziren also said:

In fact, I have been an immigrant for the rest of my life, whether I was from Malaysia to Australia when I was a child, or now I am working in the United States . As an immigrant child, I know he's from a young age. I know that I am different from everyone. Growth annually needs to find ways to integrate the majority. Until a day, you'll find that when your heart is very old, you can have the two worlds.

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