Fujiwara has also made a new film for a Japanese employee logic that has been killed by constantly relinking lines. Fujiwara Ryuo

Fujiwara Ryu also plays a new series of serial killers. Japanese attack arrangements are tightly converted.


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Staging poster

In the year 2019, the artwork excellence "Confessions after 22 years" revealed that the order was recorded on major mainland plays on 11 January. The film was given a box office in Japan for a three-week consecutive, ten box office offices in 2017, the film was directed by the director. Lead Yu, Fujiwara Ryu, and Ito Hideaki's play. After the "Invisible Guest", another major research will be heard with home audiences. Many of the wild filmmakers and Japanese film musicians are looking forward to the " last film poster on 12 December. At the same time as the prospectus, the audiences were open to an unsuccessful 22-year-old wonder.

The top ten in a Japanese office in Japan, Fujiwara also has a & # 39; talk about dead memories.

"Confessions after 22 years" when it was released from Japan, with a pattern turnover, a unique drama tension, fascinating reasoning and realistic themes, won the autumn autumn in the mouth tongue and a box office, not just 2.41 billion years Box office in total became top ten in the Japan box office in 2017, and Fujiwara's main actor won the best actress for Academy Japan Film by hanging on spectacular shows. The actress singer Fujiwara, Japanese, has won many fans in China through classical jobs such as Death Note, Great Escape, and Rogue Sword Heart. The film "The Serial Killer" is released in the film. The deadly and challenging memories of the constitution of society are very difficult but suspect.

The film was made by Japan TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd., with Fujiwara Ryuji and Ito Hideaki, and Xia Fan, Nomura Zhou Ping, Shiqiao Xing Nai, and Long Xingliang appeared. It is said, in 1995, that a stringent strangle was made in Tokyo, five were killed, the murderer was unexpectedly found, and the case became an accident. In 2017, just before a valid case was published, a man named Zeng Genqi Yaren (Fuji Fujio) published a copy of "I'm a murderer", saying that she was a series of words # 39; in 22 years ago. Murdo's murder case and her. abolish the police for being incapable. The move was astonished at her; society in Japan, and the police did not counteract the anger of the victims' families. How the criminal police investigate their & # 39; In the last case, Mu Cunhang (Ito Hideaki) was not left after trying to & # 39; murder for many years. He would be suspicious of the words of Zeng Genqi, and a cat game and wild mouse will be launched between the two.

Focusing in 2019, a Japanese attack logic is converted hard

It is a kind of fact that Japanese creators are very good, and often the Jacobite viewers can surprise observers through a reasonably rigorous reasoning process. The message "22 years after" is the "possession of Japanese suspense features," and " Demonstrate the benefits of a sharp line burner brain. All cases are amazingly amazing, and the rationalized healing situation gives more attention to listeners after thinking. South Westerly

Following a quick reminder of the warning, Fujiwara, who came out of the darkness from the media signal, said calmly that "I was a murderer" and that families who suffered a & 39; behave, and began to revenge. On the other hand, the hot media estimation and the pursuit of the population, which means that the "murderer" is similar to that of a star. This situation also has a & # 39; appears on the poster, and the Fujiwara dragon is the one that's. Look like laughter is also beautiful and beautiful. The creeps are overwhelmed. You'll get as much surprise as you 2019 on 11th January.

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