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Full performance focusing a negative list of access to & # 39; market: "list" to open the door to the vitality of its market Daily Economic News

With its official statement on the Access Access List (2018 Edition) on the 25th, China's negative market system was introduced into a new phase of total implementation, and not all market parties out of the list "they can not go".

Which of the features are at an incorrect index list; market? What's important? How will it be implemented?

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"The full implementation of a vital and comprehensive market system is to determine the key decision-making arrangements made by the Labor Party Committee for the continuous improvement of the socialist market economy system. It's a major new strategy. " Xu Shanchang, Director of the National Development and Development Commission, was published on the same day. The meeting said.

A negative and market list system has a & # 39; mentions a list of institutional arrangements for the prevention and deterrence of investment work in the Chinese Public Republic, and all governments embrace regulatory measures in accordance with the law. Businesses, fields, businesses, etc. outside the negative list, can enter all types of market into law.

The main group of the list includes two sections: "prohibition of access" and "permissible access", with 151 total items and 581 specific management steps. For prohibited items, market units can not enter, and administrative bodies are not allowed to agree. For licensing issues, a market unit will file a claim, and the administrative organs will make a decision on how to apply; offers access or by law, or can be inserted by the market unit in accordance with the entitlement conditions and the access mechanisms that the government has ordered.

Xu Shanchang said the 2018 version of the negative list directly includes market access requirements on Chinese business policies, investment policies and other related systems to ensure the authority and unity of the "one country one ". "The negative list of market opportunities will not be formally designed by the State Council. Without granting the State Council, all departments and departments must not list negatively access the market to their own, and do not increase or disable or change the list of the negative opportunities of their unauthorized market. "

"Amalgamate everything prohibited and permissible in different locations on one list, so that any network is stored and one is listed one to one, which is clearly a & # 39; show & # 39; redline market access, and clearly clearly market content. & Traffic traffic, "said Chen Sheng, professor at the Public Administration School at the University Chongqing.

In March 2016, China created "List of Rural Market Access List (Pilot Organization)", which was polated in the Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian and Guangdong sectors. In 2017, the scope of its pilot was extended to 15 districts and cities. Depending on taking a summary of the pilot knowledge, a negative list of the # 39; create 2018.

Compared to the final version of the pilot version, the negative list of 2018 was reduced by 177 things, and the specific management measures decreased by 288, a significant reduction of 54%.

"There is still room for more progress on market accessibility." You, Jun Dept. Deputy Law Reform and Ministry of Trade Law, said that the way into a service business needs to be harassed as a result, and to encourage further restraint on access constraints; market in a variety of fields, and continuously by to # 39; reduce building cases.

In the negative list of 2018 configuration, a "Local Licensing Assessment" column was added. Xu Shanchang said that a small number of national regulatory measures are covered, which are in line with the list and included in local market access management measures created by the population of the population in co – in accordance with appropriate legislative procedures, which include regional differences and overall integrity of the list.

Access equals to all types of market players

Following the establishment of a market and market list system, regardless of the enterprise or private enterprise, regardless of domestic or foreign ownership, regardless of the major campaign or small and medium-sized enterprise th; It will deal with the same conditions of access to the market and its; achieving equal rules, equal rights and equal opportunities.

Behind her concept of "negative list of market access" that is Concept of "fairness", that is, against the list, so that each one is equal; In the field outside the list, to invoke the heroes to the source, this is the government. Changes to governance and concepts. "Chen Sheng said.

Xu Shanchang confirmed that the relevant sections will better illustrate the agreement of access to its accessibility; market outside the list. Outside the negative list, non-referential induction situations or discrimination can not be placed on private enterprises, and may not take over additional induction control measures. For the management measures in the list, clarification of the conditions and procedures for approval, and dealing with all market bodies fairly and fairly, must be clarified and treated fairly.

At the end of June this year, China gave a negative list of 2018 access to investments from abroad. Xu Shanchang said that the negative list of accessibility is not only overseas investors for overseas investors and it is the responsibility of the species that is overseas. deal with investment from overseas; the negative list of market access is the regular regulatory step that applies to foreign and foreign investors and is part of a national remedy. Foreign investment is restricted to places other than the negative list, and is governed by the principle of domestic and foreign investment.

The creation of records reflects the rules of law rules. "Everything that is listed on the list is based on the law." Guo Liyan, a researcher at the Chinese Microeconomics Academy, said that there is no legal and regulatory basis for fair cleaning, but all regulatory cases that are listed through laws and administrative regulations must apply. The State Council will decide or write to; establishing local laws and regulations, and avoiding its & # 39; case into the list without legal matters.

Xu Shanchang said that the dynamic execution of a negative market list system has clarified its border between its & # 39; market and government in market access. "Market units can know in detail what can be done, what needs to be agreed, and what can be decided on them. It will help to disperse a variety of unformed forms. -reasonable and hidden obstacles, and will give you the left-to-the-end and devolution decision-maker for market players. Leave a date or "Impressive & marketplace is an important part."

Make the "move" list

Implementing a defined negative list in a & # 39; national market, the world is not well known. How to implement this innovative development

Information dissemination is the warrant for policy visibility. Xu Shanchang said an information publishing device was initially set up a list of negative listings to publicize the content of the content, so that market participants can get real-time inquiries. In the next step, the distribution of information will be expanded, and the visibility of market access policies and the use of negative lists will be improved.

The dynamic change in the list is the key for policy development. Experts believe there is no hard drive in record management. With the reform of reforms and the opening up, economic restructuring, the review of laws and regulations, and the reform of "broadcasting services", regulatory measures for market access will also change.

You started to say that the next step is to establish dynamic mobile fitting for the negative list of market access and to explore a third-party appraisal tool. In addition to optimizing adaptation to provide continuous restraint on market access constraints, reduce issues beyond the list, improve the list structure and improve the scientific, systematic and complete list.

"Letting the move list" is the basis and its complaint for the effective management of effective market access, and send life alive & # 39; to a negative market management system, "said Ren Qiming, assistant professor of the School of Civil and Law Economic and Social Sciences School of China.

Wan Jinsong, deputy director of the Commission's Commission's Corporate Development Department, said that it is the responsibility of the authorities to preserve restrictions of market access in certain circumstances, and a temporary route is required for specific purposes. The regulatory measures, with the permission of the State Council, may be included in the list as a real subject record in real time.

By executing a negative list system access its & # 39; The government needs to change from "a pre-event agreement" to "reverse after-event management" and move back the regulatory barrier.

"It's not going to be a system that promotes a vital market list, but to stimulate market vitality and its market management services Organized to organize organically, and effectively disseminate, manage the direction. " Li Jianwei, Shanghai Social Science Institute researcher said.

Xu Shanchang said that this is useful for clarifying the role of government, taking place and strengthening government actions in creating and generating. implementation of strategies, plans, policies, standards, etc. At the same time, it will further improve the reform of the monitoring system and relevant approval, system of investment, management equipment, social security system and promotional and disciplinary tool, further improve laws and regulations related to the market induction system, and promotion of innovation on the national regulatory system and regulatory capacity. (According to News Xinhua Group)

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