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It can be said that the game is between Manchester United and Arsenal. It is said that it's amazing because the two sides were distributed 2 to 2 and 4 to play with Manchester United players.

Despite Manchester United and Arsenal, the two coaches are different, Mourinho (on the left) is on Immel's coal, and there is a deep face. On the other hand, he gave an arsenal to 20 incandescents. Melly can smile. (Photograph: AFP)

(UK, Manchester, 6th) Manchester United and the great name of Arsenal can be said to be the aim, but it can be said that it is amazing, because both sides are. 2 to 2, play 4 goals with Manchester United players In.

After the game Manchester United, Mourinho, coachman said, game and said: "We made a total of 4 goals and we finished 2-2. As we did before, we made mistakes and we paid a price. I was playing well, but I also shot myself, but the fighting spirit is very strong, and the players are ready to fight. I have to give the team a recommendation. "

"They broke through their borders and tried very hard. Some of the players played a lot of time this season. Smolin also played in difficult situations, but just when we lost the ball in the danger area. It seems that Shenna is threatening. "

Madman's dissatisfaction with Arsenal wants peace

At the same time, he said that Arsenal seems to "restrict", "our defamers are totally dead, Arsenal has to pull, flop, stop game, wait for the game to end, all the defenders All are dead, I said corporately, because that was the case at that time.

Although the Premier League officer was the first objective in Mustafi, but indeed De Gea's manual mistakes, cross wall on the Dragon Gate. However, Manchester United's two-dimensional situation, with a fighting spirit attacking the equality score, the overall performance continues to be spectacular.

Marshall's birthday birthday

Among them, De Gea, despite the mistake of the hand of butter, but saved Obameiyan twice attacked, and rescued the vision near Torrela in advance.

Scuaras Marshall was on his birthday (5 December), he gave himself a gift and won the seventh member of the Premier League this season. This is the first Manchester United player. Premier League tournament has been postponed after Rooney in October 2004, and Rooney's enemy was consistent with Arsenal. However, after the injuries were killed, Lukaku was replaced and the wound was not proven.

Imitate: 1 point is not bad

Although Imeri personally played the five Mourinho games (call 4 and 1), he was content with the result of his / her. game. He said: "I think we have a good control of our game. The second half is better than the first half. In some hours, I could We have been winning this game, but after two of our goals, the enemy works very quickly. We need to improve the defense side, but we need to be fair and we will not lose the chance to invade. "

He also said they want to win, but I'm feeling that this score is not bad.

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