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Guangzhou has relaxed his colonial policy. Who has the conditions? _Domestic News_ World Wide Web


Guangzhou has relaxed his colonial policy. Who has the terms and conditions? the motion?

According to China's Surname "News and Verticals" report: Guangzhou's new visit to housing policy transfer to & # 39; start. On the 11th, its first general conference in the Guangzhou Municipal Government in 2019, the new "1 + 1 + 3" registration policy was announced and the New Deal has introduced talents your families and points. New changes. In the future, when you submit into Guangzhou, you can not add the family planning policy more as a pre-order. Student age with bachelor's steps, schoolmaster and doctorate is 5 years older.

As early as 2016, the State Council General Office published the Statement on Promoting Location of 100 Million Non-Residency Number in Town Areas, requiring each area to expand the settlement routes and its location; completely open and limit mainstreaming circumstances. As a result, several locations followed by coherent policies to reduce the doorstep for induction and attract talents through changes to qualifications, employment, investment, and social security years. What are the most important aspects of changing the home policy of Guangzhou? What are the reasons to restrict benefits to towns in every place?


Including talents in the academic area has been reduced to age five. The development of the "Technical Skills Tams Strategy Strategy"

The new Guangzhou tour of family recording policy "1 + 1 + 3" does not have a & # 39; Compliance with the family planning policy was further obsolete for housing registration immersion. At the same time, use age to bring talents into the home. The education department includes talents for the home, the age of rest is at the age of five, and the way of managing the simple talents. Deng Hongyong, former director of the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Company, told the Prime Minister's reporters: "Relatives, masters and doctors have changed from 35, 40, 45 to 40, 45 50 years of age; college graduates are separated from households, which simplify the colleges and universities. Graduates are going to their family registration process, graduates of universities and universities that are hired or entrepreneurial in Guangzhou to go to the security of the public to treat their family. "

Deng Hongyong said the first line of employees in the special hard business has changed since "talents" to "the point system" are included. At the same time, he created the "Technical Techniques of Technical Skills" to attract talented talents that need to be taken seriously in the business development process in Guangzhou. "Defining special situations for innovative and innovative talents and opening new channels for homes to collect talents."


Complete system, future staff system


1000 new home registry marks in 2018

It is worth noting that the staff management system of the staff will be in the future, and that the system of the index system is used fairly; the modification method is modified, and the social security time will be sorted and changes to score. The use of the agreed points signal system makes it easier to register and enjoy public services such as induction and residency.

In particular, the rules of the rating system are rated according to the total score agreed by the "system system service administration system". If the scores are the same, the rates based on paying a medical insurance period in Guangzhou and the continuing occupancy permit period in Guangdong.

It is reported that the Guangzhou 2018 points system is officially opened on the 11th, and housing indicators are clear 7,000, an increase of 1,000 from 2017. Chen Chao, Director of the Department of Service Promotion of the Guangzhou Laiui Staff Service Administration, said: "When you submit for points, you must fill the points before 25th of this month, which will include the confirmation of points. By 5pm on 25 March, you must fill individual. Want to apply for points to go home. "

If there is no accommodation, you can enter the public account where the residence permit is located.

In addition, one of the supporting policies that have been introduced at the same time is that the "Rules of Home Registration Management in Guangzhou" are clear. If there is a residence, public general families can be in the place where a residence permit is to go to Guangzhou. Yu Liang, the expert of the households and the founder of the housing registration network, said that the release of public families was the problem on the "final mile" of Guangzhou. "In general, in every street, a public general family was established on the street. After the general families, not only does the account have a place, but it can also certify choose to buy a house as the account of our ordinary family with an estate, and children can also go to the public school, etc. and protect them effectively. Enjoy the benefits of public services after the family. "


Experts: A new settlement policy allows more people to benefit from long-term development

Yu Liang said her new home registration policy was launched; helping to promote population development, the development of the urban work and transformation and innovation of Guangzhou's business: "The conditions for introducing academic talents have been relaxed, and the age has been relaxing Widespread. The second is the setting of settings for talented talents, closely following the economic development needs of Guangzhou, set up a catalog of talent talent, as well as that, the score has also changed significantly, it is from Eventually, the model of social security points has become an absolute score, which can benefit more people. "

In 2016, "State Office's General Office Announcement of Proofing and Provision of the Plan to Encourage the Location of 100 Million Number of Residences in Towns" is taken, and recommends that the gap between the urban level of the registered population and the population that resides in each section is reduced by more than 2 percentage points from 2013. It is essential to expand the Settlement paths for all areas and all open and limiting major circumstances and key agencies.

In the same year, Shenzhen set up a set of policies to hamper the conditions for settling. The conditions for entry of certified talents will only be determined by young colleges, and technical talents will be relaxed with the technical secondary schools + intermediate certification. In particular, it is identified that there is a shortage of senior staff; needs quickly, and they can apply for housing as long as they are in a position; fulfilling the conditions, and there is no limit to the number of indicators.

As a result, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Urumqi and other areas have produced coherent policies to reduce the threshold by setting out the requirements of settings such as age, education and security pay years social behavior. Just a week ago, City Haikou was also clear that he resolved the qualifications and ages of reconciliation. Anyone who has legal recruitment can be legally in Haikou and who meet the coherent conditions of applying for talent to settle.

Strong domestic competition is closely related to people, especially their talent; there. Yu Liang believes that Guangzhou also needs to do another long-term urban competitiveness, encouraging home animation, & # 39; sustaining the benefit of talent and stressing for long-term development: "Draw some talents to come to Guangzhou, Some people still have been living and working in Guangzhou for a long time. People who have a huge contribution to the fundamental economic work in Guangzhou must stay with them. Keep them from. So from a talented perspective, whether it is introduced or kept, has a positive impact. "

Yi Peng, chairman of Pangu Think Tank, said that the demand for education and employment will increase the demand for education and work, creating a great place for local economic development: "On the one hand, the talents of urban public services can be encouraged. On the other hand, a well-cared, health, education and business home will attract more talent . "

Reporter He Yuan, He Weiqi

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