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Is there a break into the US moon? Curry's Curra NBA Curry – Delete this thing, Apollo himself – IT House News

2018-12-16 15:28:08 Tobar: IT House News

Original title: Is it a break into the US moon? Curry, the NBA star, will be disturbed

IT House 16 December From 1961 to 1972, the United States spent $ 25.5 billion on a series of moon-breaking projects and successfully transposed the moon six times. However, in the United States, there are still many people who question how sure & is moon and moon. For example, the NBA star, Stephen Curry, said in a podcast show that he asked a question on her; project on moon.

This event took place with Kyrie Irving, who once answered the "land" in public. This time, NASA sent an "invitation letter" to Curry, saying he would speak to him and invited him to visit the Apollo Control Center.

According to foreign media statements, Curry introduced apologies on this Saturday and Instagram Live with US state-of-the-art Scott Kelly.

I do not want my words to have a big impact on what you and your colleagues have done at any stage. Every day you work hard to achieve this. So I'm really relaxing for this.

According to USA Today, Kelly talked about his thoughts on similar events with his conversation with Curry:

When people believe in these things, they also have a " Believing in other important things, such as the change of false clusters, vaccines are the "9.11" theory of government quiz. That's why I know that communication is so important. As you said, it is science specification, which is so important for our children, our country, and our economy.

About Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly is the American astronomer who has gone to his position; leave the room four times. He went into space for the first time in the STS-103 December 1999 campaign, the third mission of Teileascop Space Hubble. After making his final space space, he spent 520 days in a place, creating a list for American astronauts. This record was broken by Jeff Williams (534 days) and Peggy Whitson (665 days) thereafter.

Scott Kelly retired in April 2016.

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