"It's not the day of drugs I've won" the Asian Oscar "the best Asian film – Free Information

"It's not a drug diary" director Wen Muye received the AACTA Award for the Best Asian Film Award.

The News News (Teng Chao Narrator) On the 5th of December, Australia, the 8th Australian Academy of Television and Television Awards (AACTA) Prizes Service was held at the Sydney City Star Event Center. The Chinese film "I'm not a target" has influenced the "The Thief Family" Japanese film and other competitors to win the AACTA Award for the Best Asian Film Award. This is the first time a Chinese filmmaker made this honor. The famous actress of Australia Rachel Griffin and the jury jury judge, led by the director "Die Dan Long Wei 2" Renee Harling, the prize to director Wen Muye "Drug drugs". Wen Muye made a talk on podium. "Thanks to the judges for giving this award to our film. I am honored to represent China's film. This is a film about tranquility and hope. I hope Watching everyone. People over the film can feel the good thoughts of human nature, and then face the suffering in a better life. Thanks to Sydney, thank you to give you Australia, thank you very much. "

Nicole Kidman was the best Actress Support for her "Essed Boy".

AACTA is the Australian Oscar, and the awards ceremony gave honor to the special local films that had been in last year. Among the winners, Nicole Kidman received the Best Support Actaire for his special performance in the new film "The Boy Being Erased"; named Golden Globe, and also director and screenwriter Joe E. Gordon won the best-enhanced screen award for the same movie. The Golden Globe and Emmy actor, Simon Baker, won the Best Support Act for his "Breathing" movie. Simon Baker is also a film director, screenwriter and producer.

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