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Kotaku long text: Current situation "Dragon Age 4" The main story is still planned for single people – Games – cnBeta.COM

The full text is as follows: t

Last week we released a long survey to reveal how the hymn failed. As a result of the reporting process, I gained a deeper understanding of the contemporary state of the contemporary period and heard more about the first version of the Dragon Age 4. Certainly, this version was restarted by BioWare in October 2017. current version of Dragon Age 4 currently in development and is still built by Edmonton BioWare Canada.

The story behind the reboot is not a simple multi-track process like most games. Dragon Age 4's correction marks the BioWare problems and a fight for different development of a number of projects in previous years by BioWare. It also features the conflict between EA's financial objectives and BioWare fans for BioWare games. This prompted a number of key staff, including the creative director "Dragon Age", Mike Laidlaw, who led the leadership of the Dragon Age 4 today, and the developmental staff are; hope they can continue to inspire the story and the EA in recent years. Service "is a good balance between business models.

The Dragon Dragon Age 4 was scrapped. The hardest thing for members of the development team at the time was that these people thought they were doing the right thing this time. They have a set of improvement tools and a reasonable plan. The ideas were very encouraging at the time, and the bard also said that they would avoid again the mistakes made in the Dragon Age: Birth.

But unfortunately, there is another studio in the game, "The Holy Song," which is in dire straits, and BioWare has to launch all the workers to save it.

Original "Dragon Age 4"

When 2014 fell, BioWare released “Dragon Age: Trial”, the first new RPG world game launched by BioWare by using EA Frost Engine. The word is lively, well-sold to BioWare standards, and won 'Year of Year' of game awards. But the development process "Dragon Age: Judgment" is destructive, which is mentioned in the story behind the development of "Hallows" Kotaku.

To put it straight, there are a number of problems with the "Dragon Age: Judgment", including the major challenge to be sold on five platforms (PC / PS4 / XB1 / X360 / PS3), placing the multiplayer mode. a game for the Dragon Age for the first time, and the cold. The technical problems that the freezing machine is showing. When the development began, many people were put to improve the game, directing the team to make difficult decisions and making swift action to make sure everyone is involved (and some of it involved). future work). I have to do it again. In particular, "Dragon Age: Judgment" is a result under "BioWare Miracle" (BioWare Miracle is crash inside BioWare, meaning no matter how bad a game is, however, it is possible to do so at the last development stage, and it can still succeed, and most of the design and story of "Dragon Age: Judgment" was confirmed in the last year of development (and later on). The Hunger, which means that almost all of the BioWare staff worked in excess of pressures and conventions in 2014, I spent the next time, because EA was on a dead order. has already been set up, “Dragon Age: Trial” was released when 2014 fell, so the final year of development, BioWare is fully working.

One of the biggest problems is Dragon Age 2, who has feared BioWare and uncertain. This is a game that was developed in just 14 months, with enough content and capacity. Several years ago, creative director Mike Laidlaw told the foreign media Kotaku that this experience gave him and his director a chance to consider many of the decisions they had made.

When the Dragon Age: Trial was released at the end of November 2014, everyone at BioWare was already tired. Laidlaw and executive representative Mark Darrah told staff they would do better for the next project, recognizing that they had done something wrong and promised staff that this would not be the case again. They state that they aim to be a clear and consistent aim and to communicate within the team in the most effective way possible.

Following the launch in 2015 of DLC "Trespasser", a "Dragon Age" team was split into two groups. Most people moved to the Mass: Andromeda, and a dozen technologists, including Darrah and Laidlaw, began work for the next age game (named Joplin). .

According to one of the employees involved in their development, their plans for Joplin are very positive. The most important thing is that they have developed a lot of development tools after "testing", and the production process is also very familiar, they hope to continue the process of developing, in "Dragon Age". 4 ". In the early days, they took the idea and often went to the exam immediately, instead of having problems at the end, because it was difficult to use the frost engine.

"Everyone in the Joplin command team agrees that we can't be so before, we avoid getting some errors in the past." To this point, BioWare has undergone some big changes. however, including: establishing a clear development goal as early as possible: maintaining training documents and day-to-day processes to ensure that new members can start quickly; Making the second best choice is far better than waiting for everyone to wait for a decision.

Another BioWare worker involved in the development of Joplin said: "It's one of my best work experience. We worked for a truly tolerant and engaging game. it was less than a Dragon Age game: Review, but in the player's choice, revision and response is much larger than the "test". But not this game, I'm very sorry. . "

A large part of Joplin is based on robbery. Developers have considered creating a systematic documentary method that allows players to take action as guards or black guards, and the writer does not have to give every picture. It seems very ambitious, and there will be no big changes when it comes to production, but team members are still enthusiastic about Joplin.

The first change came at the end of 2016, with BioWare Joplin switching sides for a while and moving the whole team into a massive Mass: Andromeda game. Due to the last month of development, the game was needed. Human Resources. The Joplin members who also developed those three or four months were also listed in Mass Effect: Andromeda's final response, and were classified as a "Bronze Age Active Team".

In March 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda was released, and the Joplin team returned to their projects, although some people began to feel the “Glyph” was about to develop and eventually need the help of staff. T all studio. Game. After a dramatic victory: Andromeda was released, some staff in charge of the development moved to the Joplin team, and the team was allowed to develop. They continued to develop, shape and design Joplin. After spending a few months and finally helping to make "a big impact: Andromeda" which many people won't make, they can return to "Dragon Age 4" and they are very good.

But, one of the things they didn't mention completely in "Dragon Age 4" was the multi-player mode, which is why the project was canceled. While EA adequately regulates the studio, there are some strict rules to follow. In 2017, EA has not now dealt with the “game as service” business model in all important match games results. The best explanation for this module is that it can continue to be played and won by players after several months or even a year of release. This capability is not the traditional "Dragon Age". "Birth" has a multi-game approach "Dragon Age 4" is a development of game 3A that burns money, but EA's multiplayer mode can satisfy him.

After I told the Hallows, I continued to hear an interesting complaint from old staff and current staff: they felt like geeks among EA's staff, developed RPG games. T like nerds, it's not explosion-fired and big games. BioWare games have never been sold as FIFA and Battlefield, so they don't feel that they can get the same amount of resources as their studios. BioWare senior staff have found public suspicions: Are the EA executive officers responsible for story games? Do they really care about RPG?

In the second half of 2017, "Hallows" was in a real trouble. At that time people were concerned that the "Hallows" could not be developed before the deadline if there was no significant change in the studio. In October 2017, after Massey Hudson, Mass Effect Director, he returned to the studio manager, EA and BioWare made an important decision to delete Joplin and move a large number of staff, including a representative. active Mark Darrah. It is in the game.

Dragon is currently 4

A small team stayed on to improve the Age Age 4 new code name, which will be based on development tools and the bottom of the box. Unlike Joplin, the new Dragon Age 4 program is an epic service service designed for long-term play and profit. One developer has one of EA's regulatory responsibilities on the EA balance sheet, and they will re-commence (budget re-budget) without worrying about the amount Joplin spent in the last two years. . The question is how many ideas and quotations they have sent for Joplin, and how many would have been used in the new version?

It is not clear how much the aims of Joplin can affect Morrison, but whether one of the staff is going to get some of it. Shortly after the resumption, creative director Mike Laidlaw left the company, and other veterans "Long Teng Century Century". "Dragon Age: Judgment" and contemporary arts director Joplin, Matt Goldman, as the creative director of the new "Dragon Age 4", and Mark Darrah continued his two game games "Dragon Age 4" and a new "Hurricane". Producer.

At the beginning of 2018, when I first announced that BioWare had started to be restarted by Dragon Age 4 and they immediately entered a service game, Casey Hudson, general manager of BioWare Studios, responded on Twitter. : “I've read a lot about Dragon Age. We think we'll see everyone in the team if the whole team is developing, and that information will still be too early, but when we say the word "live", it means just Design a game where the story continues after the story ends. "

At the TGA in December 2018 BioWare published forecasts, suggesting that the mysterious suspicion of Light would return in the Dragon Age: Born. At the time, BioWare blogd on the official website. Creative director Matt Goldman says: "We have ever gathered the strongest team (and ever) and we work hard that's the biggest work ever. "

What does that mean? Do you need to network all the time? We don't know about these details, but of course these are not yet done as the game is still very early During the development period, it may change and vary based on the negative evaluation. the hymn. Last year, there were rumors that the new version of Dragon Age 4 was a song "Hungry", but two staff at the moment told me that that was not true. "Hunger," Dragon Age "and" Mass Effect "are thought to be an online game, although it may try online features, not tartan to interpret them, I don't think we will be completely changing. The whole sequence. "

Some BioWare developers believe that it is technically possible to construct a game to support offline play based on the "Song" basis, but it is not clear whether the new version of Dragon Age 4 a line support. If it really is turning to an online game (maybe being possible), it's still huge if you can't play most of it on your own. After all, Diablo 3 is a net-game game, but it also supports one-player games. A person called Dragon Age 4 told me this week that the new Dragon Age 4 story is designed for single people. In this way, BioWare will be able to sustain the content update after distribution. BioWare staff say the "execuuder" DLC is one story, “good judgment”, although the good quality is good, it is generally not good.

It seems to support the single-player and multi-player model as in the old Dragon Dragon: Review. In the last few years, fans have been angry with the BioWare emphasis on online multiplayer games, but the multi-player model of Dragon Age 4 looks very ambitious and is a must. looking. For example, I heard some multi-play ideas, including multidisciplinary players controlling your follow-up mode by coming in or withdrawing at any time, like old-fashioned BioWare RPG games such as "Bode's Gate" (of course, "Diablo 3" is also followed by design which will always be added / based, not just on a basis Closing a player, but an action that changes according to the choice of the player.

Maybe two or three years later, the new version of Dragon Age 4 will be completely different from what I hear now. After all, the Dragon Dragon had been extensively altered before with the development work. In the office, BioWare staff often compare the Rebellion team Mark Darrah with a pirate ship, although it ends at the end, it always moves from port to port. another man and making him rum. Mark Darrah's "Dragon Age" team was focussing on him and changing his direction in the past. This problem wanted a change in Joplin, but this is an old problem. An in-service worker said, "Many of the questions on the team have yet to be answered. In the next two years, the" Dragon Age 4 "can be changed five times." It should be noted, however, that it is normal to proceed with the development process through the development process.

A Dragon Age 4 perspective, there are other questions: How BioWare Austin Studio takes over the “Church,” when Edmonton Studio develops a full “Dragon Age 4”? Can you "Dragon Age"? To avoid trials, the problem was that the game picked up many staff before too early to follow early work, and is another important issue that BioWare can avoid previous abuses. causing pressure, anxiety, and depression among staff during the development process, causing many people to leave in the last two years, according to staff, not just they have too much anxiety and concern, but also those who cannot hear their views, and feel that their goals are changing, if they say they will be. based on "taking care." "

Last week, BioWare's General Manager stated that he would redevelop a studio working environment and work hard to build the world's best studio environment. 39 could take a long time. It is notable that we heard other studio staff after releasing the "Hunger" article that they were also standing with the same problems as BioWare. They reveal that "BioWare Miracle" "normal business, not just BioWare itself. Try this practice.

We will continue to focus on how this will happen in the coming months and years to come. If BioWare staff have hope (but getting rid of the Frost engine), it is hoped that the new Dragon Age 4 will follow Joplin's first heart.

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