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Original title: Owen said he hopes to reach 35 years of age, and # 39; bringing his body really and hopes to revive more.

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Vince Carter, who is almost 42 years old, is still in the NBA and is still able to contribute. Just this week, Carter received 25,000 people. Owen said: "I did not play as long as Carter (laughter), no. When I do not want to play, I do not want to play, but I hope to be 30-35 years old."

Owen is now 26 years old and played against the Raptors on Saturdays. He had his professional total score to 10,000 points. "I like basketball," Owen said. "But for the add-ons that he does? Personally, it does not matter. I enjoy playing a game, enjoy being with my companions , and I enjoy playing every day. " Life. It was the dream; Being a NBA player has never been a child, so he really likes to be a child, I play basketball and I like basketball. "

Owen said NBA players are doing their best every day. "I do not want to say too much detail, but I hope that what we do every day is sometimes replicating more," said Owen. "We take risks and stress every day. We just want to stop it easier than we did yesterday. These are expensive. To win the competition and to prosper, I am willing to make sacrifices as far as possible. "

Owen is not very good today inside his partner Al Horford. Due to knee injury, the Army will not play the Green for the Hawks. "We have been dealing with lame wounds and we've been in the last few weeks. This is part of the season," said Horford. "I do not want to lose cards, but we need to be slow and look longer."

So far, Owen has 17 games in total, which gives an average of 32.9 minutes, and # 39; 22.4 points surrender, 6.4 support, 4.9 dreams and 1.8 steal.

The current Green Army record is 9 winners and 9 calls, which marks the eighth east.Return to Sohu and see more

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