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In that year, PMI returned to the track above the line.

Newspaper reporter Liu Weijie

On 31 March, the National Bureau of Statistics released the Index of Directors of Chinese Trade Purchasing (PMI) in March, which was 50.5%, up 1.3 per cent from the previous month and was reversing above the hard point.

“In March, the PMI table returned to the line above the dry line, especially because of the impact of seasonal policy,” said Xiang Zongchao, a macro researcher at the Xiangcai Trust Research Institute, in an interview with him. The Daily Securities very yesterday revealed a PMI register. This is a cyclical change, so Fèis an Earraich will have particular concerns on our index. In general, with the gradual introduction of tax reduction and reduction in costs, it is expected that the PMI presentation will continue to develop, and a gradual transfer of the credit policy will provide widespread support to the t transfer PMI thereafter.

“This is the recovery of PMI after three consecutive months under the glory line, but it is certainly higher than market expectations with 1.3 points per year last year. "If the narrator" Securities Daily "interviewed the supreme researcher in the macro research strategy of the Financial Research Institute Ge Shoujing yesterday He said, after Fèis an Earraich, that the t a typical production industry, and the menu and index indexes up to six-month high level. This suggests that the rate of reduction in taxation rates and support taxes came from the state to support the development of the real economy, both provision and demand. Something warmer.

Wen Hao, an analyst at China Logistics Information Center, said the PMI had sent back labor in March, not least because the market had returned to normal after Fèis an Earraich, market demand and the expansion of supply. T , price increases, strong corporate purchasing ideas, and enhanced SMEs' production and operational activities. It is predicted that the economy will be less likely to fall back into the first quarter, and the rate of economic growth is maintained at a fourth quarter level last year.

In the last decade, particularly annually, the PMI register in March has risen to a different extent in February. Zhai Zongchao believes, however, that the PMI can not come back in March this year with seasonal factors, indicating that central government policy support for SMEs is showing off in time. past months.

The data shows, from an enterprise scale perspective, that PMI had large enterprises in March 51.1%, which was 0.4 points lower than the previous month and above the important point; PMI had small and medium enterprises 49.9% and 49.3%, respectively, up 3.0 points from the previous month. And 4.0 per cent. For this reason, Wen Hao said that, as a result of the previous state attention to the private economy and the implementation of support policies for small and micro-enterprises, production activities are underway and small and medium-sized enterprises have operated significantly. With implementation beyond state policy of direct support for the real economy and more loans to small and micro enterprises, SMEs are expected to provide better opportunities for development.

According to the Zhai Zongchao analysis, on the sub-index, follow the new order array and raise the menu hardly not only again in the results of a holiday return, but also showed that producers were willing to return the product as a result of an application.

Ge Shoujing said by reviving two of supply and demand, without increasing the volume of purchasing power, and the raising of the register price for the expanding range t in March, at 51.2%.

Ge Shoujing also said that PMI produced high-end manufacture, equipment manufacturing and consumer goods manufacturing 52.0%, 51.2% and 51.4%, respectively, which was significantly higher than the total manufacturing industry. .

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