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A few days ago, the State Council expressed "Ideas about doing good work in promoting future and future employment" (referred to as "Ideas"), focus on the implementation of employment priority priorities and operational policies, support initiatives to strengthen their roles, and improve employment and enterprise. Encourage the training services to ensure that current and future current and future employment targets are completed and that the employment situation remains constant.

Employment policy is likely to preclude warning in advance

Zhang Yizhen, deputy director of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, commented on the State of Opinions held at the State Council's Policy Office held on December 5 for the post of office new challenges since 2018. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the relevant departments strengthened the situation and monthly reports and ten days were established to strengthen robust scrutiny of key sectors, key industries and key initiatives. Judgment from the current situation, the overall employment situation is stable. At the same time, new challenges and individual initiatives have faced new challenges.

Generally, the supply and market demand of human resources are largely stable, and supply information and market demand of 100 public service service centers are displayed. Initially, the basic features run well. In the third quarter, the humanity market assumed the human resources market at 1.25, which was more populous than its. previous year and the same period of the previous year, "said Zhang Yizhen.

However, it should be noted that, although a regular amount of output is achieved, the current uncertainty at home and abroad remains the focus, and the increasing economic pressure has increased, with a significant impact on the production, operation and operation of some campaigns. So this time, the State Council has introduced a policy package, which is an important step in making a more sustainable and sustainable job, and effectively consolidating overall sustainability the employment situation.

Mo Rong, vice president of the Chinese Labor Academy and Social Security Science, describes the "Ideas" and " Promoting "Ideas" is a hard step to realize the requirements of the spirit and is a concrete activity of the Committee; The Labor Party and the State Council on the use of sustainable work. The "Ideas" are a concrete publication of a policy "earning priority strategy". It also strengthens and expands in addition to China's active employment policy, and provides policy confidence and works for the next step.

At the same time, Mo Rong believes that the "Ideas" that were currently discharged were "# 39; reflecting the role of executive government departments as a proactive duty, and also reflecting Chinese ideas and approaches in the presence of tackle economic hazards and job-solving solutions. Turn to stop early warning before & # 39; war, we can make pre-care according to changes in the situation and potential risks, and to demonstrate the advanced, advanced and appropriate policies for employment promotion.

Content is based on "real"

Stable work is uninhabited from the development of sustainable enterprises, so the "Ideas" will support the sustainable development of initiatives in the first place.

It can be seen from the "Ideas" that China can take place from both sides to make the development of enterprises stable.

Initially, increasing the support of a stable state.

Hu Xinyong, founder and Chief Executive of Kika, who was interviewed by a Chinese Economic Times reporter, said he was the largest living and greatest economic priority. Although the employment situation in China has been steady in general, there is a particular pressure on the economy. So, this policy helps to & # 39; promoting sustainable employment, promoting employment and innovation, Ensure that the objectives and employment activities are completed in the future and future and the sustainability of the employment situation.

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