Price Huayi Brothers price plummeted Cui Yongyuan: He can no longer stand – Information without cause


On the 27th, Cui Yongyuan wrote in social media: "I think it's because he's very tired and can not stand now." The two plays are the stock chart of Huayi brothers and the article of the Huayi Brothers wind. Post-Comments Cui Yongyuan has supported several websites. Everyone said: "The support of Cui's teacher, Xiao Cui, looks forward."

In the photo taken by Cui Yongyuan, the article about the Huayi Brothers market value is incredible. The article writes that Huayi's shared price has broken 5, and the value of the market solved by 70 billion. Huayi brothers are a thrush. Huayi is said to have been influenced by Fan Bingbing's tax protection.

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