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QQ App, Mobile Tmall and 14 other applications have been exchanged by user information collection – China China – cnBeta.COM

To guide and encourage internet companies to control the collection and use of personal information of the user, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, and to secure personal information of users , on the morning of December 29th 2018, under the Administration of Information and Communications Administration Ministry of Business and Information Technology, China Internet The Association feared an expert panel on the collection and use of personal information by users of mobile apps in Beijing.

There were 45 representatives from relevant government administrative departments, academic research centers, legal service agencies, public directorates, telecommunications client committees and internet companies at the meeting. It was & # 39; Meeting held by Song Maoen, general secretary of the Chinese Internet Association.

Through technical experiments and user statements, 18 applications such as QQ Music were found to have been expected to have a variety of information that users' feelings were like "sms", "sailing address", "situation" and "recording", and it was suspected that 9 apps were collected without the user's permission. Personal information of his / her user. In response to the findings, in conjunction with the views of relevant internet companies, the experts who participated in discussions and warmth ideas. After discussion, experts agree that the internet companies are relevant to making active efforts to protect the protection of personal information of the users, but there are still some irregularities. 14 Apps have collected personal information about users and users without user license. Information and other matters (see link). Mango TV, funny date, map bar address, PowerWord Kingsoft, Yishun novel, credit card, lending and renting loans, pig ratings, US grade, white credit, easy flowers, palm-lending, attractive loan, etc. . Not to attend the meeting, Ask the meeting on the above campaigns to contact China's Internet Association as soon as possible; as possible to determine the difficulties in collecting and generating. using personal information of the user. The next step will be interviews and special inquiries.

Experts present at the press conference highlighted the need for Internet companies to strictly comply with the NPC Sustainable Committee Decision on Strengthening Network Information Protection, the Chinese Republic of China Cyber ​​Security Law, the Protection Personal Information on Telecommunications and Internet Users, and other laws and regulations. The provision of the rules will be installed and a & # 39; Developing consumer information protection system. The collection and use of the user's personal information will follow the principles of validity, authenticity and requirement, and clearly illustrate and use the purpose, method and extent of its collection, and make the most active action with the user's permission. Improve the protection of personal information of users.

Relevant internet companies have been said unanimously that they should accept the means of removing, optimizing and updating, and so on, and at the same time, in detail campaign risk points in protecting personal users' information, and & # 39; Developing internal guidance and product design, The collection, use and service of personal information of users protect rights and rights of users.

Song Maoen, general secretary of Internet Internet Association, said the company will introduce innovative innovations and innovations with the help of business experts, and work with member units to carry out self-control work on personal personal protection of users, to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the users. Information security can make more effort.

His conference was hosted by the Chinese Internet Association and was jointly organized by the Business Intelligence Committee of the Chinese Internet Association and the Personal Information Protection Working Committee.

The following is a list of mobile phone apps with problems:

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