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Short film "Love, what you want to say" on the line with an innovative broadcasting form – can, you want, love and film, Sina – Global Network

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During the new year when they left the old age, and made by Chengxing Film, Sina Entertainment together, led by Fan Yangzhong, Jian Yanshu, Ding Chuncheng, Xia Yuqiao, Liang Zhengqun, Jiang Yan, Liu Xiuzhen, Cao Yuhao, Li Jingwei, Lin Zikai The short film of the New Year's "Love, What do you want to say" movie is online, and it's a # 39 ; Looking and rewarding you with a good start.

Shut at the end of the year

Beijing will take place at 12:00 pm on the evening of December 31, in the short film, "Love, what do you want to say" on the full screen, the first broadcast film series Sina Weibo @ Sina, has been distributed With 5 hours broadcasting 200,000 times, subject # Love, what you want to say. #Installation and 6 million breaks.

The short film is an innovative broadcasting format, which will be delivered in a 3 minute format every day from 24 December. When its first program was launched, the short film received a good result of a & # 39; broke 100,000 pics per hour, and the listeners were vigilantly pursued.

As a result, the short films were launched on the Iqiyi station, B, watermelon video, Tencent video, open video, ugly orange entertaining and other video platform, 10-minute movie, sleeping stories and media other domestications are redesigned.

At the same time, the short film has been strongly supported by the largest video site in Taiwan, LINE TV. It has a special broadcasting channel and launched on-line such as YouTube and Facebook.

At this time, the total number of the short film was broken by 10 million times. It was once named in the TV series of the B series, and was known by the film and television people, including Hong Kong's famous director, Chen Jiashang.

The best warmth in the Year & # 39; New, passing love and confidence

"Love, what you want to say" is about 25 minutes long, with a theme of warmth and Year & # 39; New, who draws love and confidence, the picture is warm and moving, and use a multi-line statement, showing friction and the struggle of ordinary people in family, friendship and love. The West of life, full face, and the face of loved ones, because of their love and confidence, put the best out of their last installment in 2018 and welcomed the first one.

The nine prestigious actors are very powerful actors, including well-known actress Taiwanese Jane. She has been filming the new "Lingyi Street No. 11" drama, a & # 39; run the "Flower Eating Flowers" stage of the stage, and his / her; Encouraging her "Love Kafka" film. In the interview, she was pleased to say "Love, what do you want to say" is the New Year's New Year for her two and her supporters.

The short film gave him an invitation to the office of the box office to Xia Yuqiao. Zhao Dejun, "The Secret of Smoldering", is just the landowner just killing a new drama. in the avatar's cafe owner, and with an intimate understanding of Liang Zhengqun, together with a 30-year-old lively love story, with a warm story, letting her the previous movie release a big weight.

At the same time, there is also a great generation of new performers in the film. Whether he's Cao Yuhao's coffee chef or Liu Xiuyan's enchanting cardiologist, there are amazing events that people can do; shine.

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