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According to the "Hollywood Reporter" report, Marvel confirmed that the sequel is officially filmed, that is, "Dr Singular 2", still a key role in "Volume Blessing", and also # 39 ; including her lover and his Wang companion.

The film is still directed and written by the former director Scott Derrickson ("Exorcist", "Sinister"), and the script is created in 2019. It is anticipated that it will be filmed out of the film, spring 2020 and officially released in May 2021.


Master Gu Yi persisted that she will continue to help Dr Singer in the continuous unit, "Focus 4" hospitality, spirit and ceilidh world

Although the crime is not clear, but from the ideas of the social network managers, it should be a "nightmare". In addition, one of the five great gods of Marvel appears.


Dr Singularity travels through different dimensions of the universe


"Single Drama Contempt" Poster

The director has published a poster from the sequel to "Singular Dr.", from the original mart, "The Dr Singularity" is a divine expression for God, and the article says: "There is no I want it, that is what I want … & # 39;


Help Peter Parker to & # 39; discovering religion in "Gods" OAA "and" Spiderman "Comics

The phrase "Not to me, but you have done" which is known as a Christian leader, comes from part of the original text to a # 39; Bible. Jesus prayed to the Lord, the whole text is "Father! If you want, you will put this cup down:" Father, if you are willing to take this cup from us: but my please, but do it "."


Life Court, OAA (regulator of the Tenjin group and the highest Marvel name), death, eternity, swallowing, destroying

This text is this video from Lucas 22:42. The last two sections also have a & # 39; including "Angel coming out of heaven, raising his strength." "Jesus is seriously injured, a prayer is harder, and there is so much sweat. Blood is flowing on the ground." At this time, during the Evening Festival, Easter, Satan has entered into the heart of Judah, but Jesus did not repent. Jesus fully accepted the Father's remedy plan for humanity, willing to be an unwanted lamb. Payment was paid for our sins to be crucified. Therefore, how we grow in life in Christ.


An unfinished, permanent life course

In "Re-Link 3", "Dr Singular" is a symbol of its & # 39; meaning. Not only does it support the "destination" configuration, but also it's a & # 39; Give that time to the machine to replace the "Iron Man", and perhaps the symbol of "Iron Man" is "the Lord." However, Dr. "Singularity" has already seen Marvel's dialects in the Marvelous Multiverse, especially those that fight against illness. Perhaps the reason is that; has been returning to the tallest day "OAA" in the talk about "Singular Doctor 2". Subject.


There is no threat at the life court, but it appears in this image, it can be at the same time and the same thing; of the multiverse altogether

In the original comics, the Single Doctor met several times to Marvels, as to fight for eternity, swear for life, and many deities. The court of life is the only god in the complex one that can exist at the same time after OAA. He does not know devolution and does not attend OAA but although he is often lost, he has been lost. For example, it was lost at the heart of the globe. It is blocked to & # 39; passing.


Two of the life courts lost, the tyrants opposed the "heart of the world", Iron Man and the spectators found their case with the next

You can change your settings at any time. Continue Change your settings Find out more Links Accessibility Help Sign In to BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio Arts More More Search the BBC Explore the BBC More News Sport Weather TV Music The Music Music Cookies on the BBC website. Clips. Clips. It's even including the same thing. of the "multi-world" life court. "The leader did not believe first at first. The leader named the Bible and the Holy Spirit praised God, and suggested that the tide would be of great danger and that The multiverse gods could come to the stage.


Typically, a courtship, an unfinished vision, an indigenous and medium-sized conflict is balanced by two bodies, the power of any collector

The Single Doctor met these gods and he only appeared in classical comics. Every time they appeared, it was a great event. and a cosmetic accident. But in addition to his battle, Dr Singer met these gods to fight the people who had been fighting for them. live there, and then with those gods. Talk about the craft events together to solve.


Yin Yingxia, Dr. Singular Meetings of the Court of Life

Although the fourth phase of Marvel's film was not finished with "Spider-Man 2", other films are not the genre "Eternal Family" and "Galaxy Guard 3" hegemonic film (known as "Hot Christmas") on to be officially open, but the multiverse Affects its & # 39; Marvel's entirety, in particular the "Reboot 4" that includes Iron Man, the ants and the people over time and place to turn.


Dr Singular Wars, one of the five Marvel gods, "Eternal"

The "Home" of the "Far From Home" in the subtitles "Spiderman 2" means the meaning of the measurement away from Earth in the multiverse (Kevin Fitch stated earlier that the home has many senses, and # 39, including not just the Earth's nature), so "Dr Singular 2" It is not surprising that the multi-cosm that has been involved in his previous work is surprising, and that e Dom is a great crime of darkness.

"Singular Dr" crosses its & # 39; multiverse, including a large place in "The Ant 2"


Dr Singularity is addressing its & # 39; court of life

The director explained a large number of graphic jobs on the visual power of Dr Strange in Instgram, according to different dimensions of the world, the scenes of the "Eternal" who knew the comics "Single Drumming". News


The director defines its power definition; consideration, and the six true truth cartridges, which correspond to the & # 39; power seen at Dr.

Dr Singularity crosses its & # 39; multiverse and see one of the five great gods of Marvel, "Eternal"

In addition, the director also explained time to the world of the world, that is, every time "now", Dr. singularity has been seeing the future and the future, as if it were in "Reunion 3", it has already seen Gig's sights.


The director's definition of time, "time" has not passed, the future, everything is "now"


The direction of a director's resolution is "a narrow way on the way", and the single doctor's reply is compatible with his own comics; see "everlasting"


The "The Gate of Perception" book is read by Stan Lee in the film "Singular Dr." responding to the so special & # 39; is Dr

Regarding how Dr. Strange has escaped from being extinct, perhaps his "soul of death", one of the five Marvel's gods, has been a "Death Diet". As it is in the comics, it is not the "world of the soul" but the selection of gods. Be very good.


Driving Singles "Singular" "Death"

In addition, the director described a large number of "nightworm" content in the comics "Single Disc". For imagination, the "night thoughts" invade the place of dreams of biological materials. How long & # 39; There are species, the water is there and its growth.


The description of the tale in the comics of Dr Strange, in which the color increases the color, so it is stronger than the darkness.


The director will split their favorite movie about "dreamland"

"Dr 2 Singular" is similar to "Spider-Man 2" and "Galaxy Guard 3" after a "Re-Link 4" time line, in which Modu is connected.


Classic "Spider-Man", Spider-Man and Dommam "talk" to talk "


One of the five Marvel gods, "killing"

However, despite the official finishing of Marvel on building up X-Men and Magic Four-man writers the following year, Marvel can embrace a large number of Shenming characters. After "Dr Singular 2" to accompany the multi-cosmetic gods, it may be "destroyed" and this transformation, just like those that have been "destroyed". before. Like Dommam, Marvel is also "dying" of one of the five great gods that likes others to destroy their cèilidh world.


Marvel Multi-Divinity


Adam Warlock

In addition, Dr "Singularity" will not be a companion. In the multiverse, "Adam Warlock" is the most unique. It can be transmitted across the acronym, and on the # 39; globally, to protect the balance of Marvel as a whole, and it will be in Marvel. The fourth phase of the "Galaxy Guard 3" film is officially announced, these two dual-duty partners, especially Dr Single, also speak to the multi-cosmetic gods, which As well as Adam Adam Adam Adam Tòrr of gods and power of fighting the court of life.


Comics "Singular Dr.", single doctors can keep up with all types of turmoil, self-election can be done; come to good faith


The fourth level of Marvel also includes "New Star", the film "Eternal Family", "Black Panther 2", "The Avengers 5", "Black Widow", and the "Eagle Eye ". "The movie.

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