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Xinhua News Group, Beijing, 1 AprilTitle: Taxes and taxes have been reduced, becoming aware that the 28th National Month on Taxes is now starting to develop a high-quality economic development t

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Taxation Administration launched the 28 National Tax Months in Beijing on 1 April. Wang Jun, director of the State Tax Administration, said the topic of work for this year's tax increase is aiming at reducing taxation and tax reduction, and building a 50-day extended version. A package of NPC gifts was issued to thousands of families.

Beijing Defiance Technology Co., Ltd, learned Wang Jun more about physical tax enjoyment. Fu Yingbo, the company's president, said as a technology innovation campaign to raise the tax rise, it is expected that tax cuts will be around 100 million in 2019. Enterprises are planning to invest in research and development. increase this year, and tax cuts have solved the problem of funding "really".

The first day of the quarterly reporting period for the micro-enterprise tax relief policy is 1 April. Wang Jun came to the Inland Revenue to the first Tax Office of the Taxation Bureau of Haida Region in Beijing to gain a deep understanding of the preparation and operation of the Royal Mile. At the entrance to the hall, the zone of “tax reduction and tax reduction” and “a specific role of implementing small and micro-policy”, Huang Haixia, the taxpayer in charge, placed the key places in the t February was received and he raised views on the issue of license fee payers. More than one.

“How is the window established?” “Does the company enjoy the policy?” Wang Jun looked and looked at the situation in detail. According to Huang Haixia, the toll window has increased from 79 to 102 last year. In addition, not only has a special window been established to deal with “difficult diseases”, but also a “concise and quick to make” window based on people's flow to alleviate problems. Wang Jun stated that it is essential to maintain the measures aimed at problems, targeted and produced, to improve tax efficiency, and to ensure orderly and systematic operation.

In the hot-out window I saw that Xu Wei, the leader of Beijing Shuanglu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was using a specific VAT invoice. Wang Jun went on and asked: “What business is to be done today, is it easy?

"There is an emergency order today, so I will come to the tax office to receive the invoice. Most of the business will be handled online. Sent An email will be sent directly to the invoice." T , which is very fast and fast. "Xu Wei said.

The conference on “Implementation of tax relief and tax reduction and the promotion of high quality economic development” maintained by the State Taxation Regulation, Wang Jun pointed out that the “master dish” and t A severe hardship reduction in taxation rates and tax rates continued in the first two months of this year. At the end of the day, more than 90% of small and micro-enterprises have delivered seasonal proofs, but the overall implementation of the policies and measures already implemented is universal. smoothly and systematically, with 182.85 billion of new tax reductions. With the implementation of quarterly checks in most small and micro enterprises in April, particularly the implementation of the policy on reducing VAT and reducing the security level. social impact, reduce the impact of taxation and reduce costs.

Wang Jun confirmed that the tax department should be implementing the job applications and making their policy implementation effective. The implementation of the advancement is on a warrant of equipment, and the establishment of a unified system of 'one scaffold that has been installed'. Guidance and assessment will be included in the implementation process, with the timetable, timetable and work program for tax reduction and cost reduction measures to be produced and the implementation of taxation tax and tax reduction. driven by strong leadership and accountability. Extensive consultation on the implementation of the policy will take the second round of a comprehensive campaign of small and micro-enterprises as a focus of publicity, and the third round of targeted questions and response counseling. Implementation will involve technical support, accelerating development and upgrading the relevant High Level III tax system key modules, and further developing modular models for regional electronic tax bombs. An iron accounting account will be used at the end of the residual impact, to reduce the tax charge and reduce costs, work out the impact of the “total subscription” reform, analyzes the economic “benefit accounts” t and social assistance, and it will help the taxpayer “access” benefits taxpayer.

“The tax sector should do the tax service work and continue to introduce utility service measures to make the policy more user friendly. ”Wang Jun said that the small-scale and micro-enterprises, the inclusive taxation measures and“ fun tax returns ”are 52 resources. On measures to support the 20 steps to implement the VAT reform, a number of service measures will be introduced when the policy to reduce social security is introduced on 1st May. At the same time, when problems are returned in a number of ways, so that tax payers can have difficulties, where appeals can be made at any time, and strive for their search. first, authoritative and correct responses, the important issues will be merged into the Tax Administration of Taxation to scrutinize and respond, to ensure policy implementation. Unitarianism. All expenditure for foreign costs will be carefully monitored.

Wang Jun said that there is a direct and direct tax-reduction and tax reduction impact directly on to a major market body. It is hoped that taxpayers and payers will take into account its tax reduction and taxation reductions, particularly value added tax reform through price distribution to market partners, and look after taxpayers. business strategies, competition games, etc. In terms of the impact, the tax reductions will be reduced and a reduction in cost reduction to major development development as well as possible to achieve faster and longer-term development.

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