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Recently, with the agreement of the last suspected arrest, the first criminal offender case is against a poorly integrated software recording software provider. Came & # 39; Successful case with the network account from the traders down to the registration and maintenance work. The room to the river went to unlodgely record the full-scale strike of the software provider.

In June this year, Tencent Guardian's security team helped Chaoyang's police in Liaoning to launch a crime program against unauthorized registration, Inaugurally disqualified the statistical recording of the downstream studio, a XTouch software destruction and a herd scratch that provided technical support for malicious recording and capture 15 people suspected, 12 people were put into arrested, and 100,000 personal information was received illegally. Over 50,000 signal signs were in place, and the storage was stored and frozen for over 2.4 million yuan.

(The police considered the person who was suspicious of the scene)

As early as April, the public told the Chaoyang County Network Brigade of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Division. Some scriptwriters put inappropriate registration and online accounts, which were adversely affected. These online accounts have been moved to the black ash production locations such as yellow gambling online, breaking wool, and selling outlets, and damaging people's property. The Chaoyang City police group reported police and police officers where they could be able to; judged and found that the house activity in Chaoyang County used for the XXTouch software and the scrapbook to achieve the maintenance behavior. As an opportunity, the Chaoyang Municipal Bureau continued a crime campaign against its main registration purpose in town and county. The two phases of public security members worked together to complete the maintenance of the up-to-date studio and the XXTouch and shellfish boxes up against the river, and those suspected arrested as author of XXTouch, author of scrubberfish, guardianship, cartoonist and material provider. People.

During the investigation, the police also found that staff from the staff collected the number of mobile phones that stopped the internal system. After the person suspected of employing the staff to find a mobile phone number to & # 39; Registered network account, sign up to a system within the employee to retrieve proof. Code, and then sell the network account you got back.

(The police devices captured by the police)

In the past, the Public Protection Office of the Public Protection and the Public Security Ministry Network Network Bureau, the Chinese Territorial Society, the Crime Law Science Research Center at the Renina China Department, and the Security Security Department Together with the Finnish Government's Black Business Management Forum. It has been filed as a typical case of WeChat against a bad registry black storage. The "Blackmail Management Report on Legal Accounts of Internet Accounts", which was published in particular, said that registration is unfortunate and holds a very large number of websites in the Internet, and it is trading, inter- web, life services, content platforms, social settings and other. Be your cancer in the entire Internet business. It can be said that a very poor recording has been the source of black and green representation of the Internet.

To control control and security of its & # 39; Internet account, the internet company is represented by Tencent on a series of online and online activities, and hopes to use different methods and measurements, such as technology, strategy and law, to prevent such behaviors. To maintain security and order of an Internet eco-system. This is a campaign to help the police successfully destroy the malicious "XXTouch" recording machine.

As early as 2017, the WeChat Security Center launched "Action Gone Water" to stop an insightful recording. At the beginning of 2018, WeChat launched a pilot support strategy. When it is found that the user performs an unusual recording, such as bat registration and plug-in registration, the user must complete the registration through a friend's help. This has contributed significantly to the cost of recording and maintenance of complications by using resources such as scheduled manual phone cards of black and gray groups. Under major ongoing attack, the number of WeChat census recordings has fallen dramatically since the end of 2017; In addition, the total number of bad messages in the WeChat has also fallen dramatically.

At the same time, the Tencent Guardian security team and the WeChat security team put a special ban on poor inscription recording, and active support for security agencies. public, and completed the "Annette Police No. 4" "Changsha Line Shang Network Technology Co., Ltd. to eliminate the case of a computer information system" and another bad thing. Register a project.

The Tencent & Guardian security team included that there is a bad recording of black representation through a large representation of large accounts, and # 39; sells to different types of internet crime groups, as a source of all war-warehouses. The Guardian program promotes the public to take care of the protection of the information itself, so that bad-use registry groups are not used, using unofficial side programs, so that your troop can not be stolen, etc., to record online accounts using official methods, and not to use; Buying badly registered registered organizations. The network account was given.

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