The Cayenne Coupé and the new 911 will be the first time for the Shanghai Auto Show_Porsche

Original title: The new Cayenne Coupe and the new 911 will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto show

The Shanghai International Garden Exhibition Exhibition will be officially opened on 16 April, capturing the theme of “Creating Better Life Together”, reflecting the latest trends in future vehicle development. At this exhibition, Porsche will bring a marvelous, fun car place to the 8.1 million marvelous father, bringing his unique and magical experience into the ancient tricks of his giant car car.

Like the newest Porsche Cayenne family model, the new Cayenne Coupe will give a chance to welcome Asia's first glimpse to explain the different lifestyles between Porsche claimants. Meanwhile, the new 911 Carrera S, which was released at the end of last year and the new 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, will be postponed at the beginning of this year, also the first premiere in February of this year. China at Auto Auto Show.

A number of innovative design models have been provided for the Cayenne Coupé models, demonstrating great motion, power and day-to-day SUV operations, not only will the Cayenne provide the third-largest technical bulletins, but also with dynamic design. With more technical information, the new model is more innovative, more fun and inspiring.

The two new engines of the Chayenne Coupé produce unique performance. The Cayenne Coupe is delegated with a 3.06-liter V6 turbocharged machine with a result of 250 kW (340 PS) and a height of 450 Nm. With thanks to the normal components of Sport Chrono, the new car will accelerate from strike to 100km / h in just 6 seconds, with the moving mobile parts moving, the acceleration of 100km can be reduced to 5.9 seconds. The model is insignificant. The Cayenne Turbo Coupe is delegated to a V8-liter V8 turbo engine with a yield of up to 404 kW (550 PS) and a high torch of 770 Nm, which accelerates from stacks to 100 km / h. in just 3.9 seconds.

In addition, the Cayenne Coupé provides a wide range of typical features including: the development of high-powered power steward, Chrono Sports components, 20-inch aluminum wheels, back and back parking t help with a turning camera. And prevent a changing air by Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). In addition, it provides more high-quality commodities for the Chinese market, including atmospheric lighting, privacy cleanliness, air-conditioned generators and behind-flight airbags as well as. car parking support system in Cayenne Turbo Coupé. A panoramic system of images is common on the Chinese market.

The eight-generation model continues with outstanding design of the distinct 911 and Porsche genes, which show a strong impact, and is equipped with a display of 10.9-inch hand screens and other pioneering technologies to meet needs. The digital age again, showcasing eternity The interesting collection of classics and innovation. In addition, it is covered by a new improved six-cylinder cylinder cylinder, which has never been developed, and has never been more powerful, with the largest yield of 331 kW and boar. major of 530 Nm.There is a proud of the 8-Porsche. The Doppelkupplung (PDK) The two-pronged Porsche gutter box is accelerating from its stop to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds and with the Sporting Chrono parts in 3.5 seconds. In addition, intelligent treatment and the design of chassis and new support systems emphasize the dynamics of Porsche 911. Among them, the world's first wet method has been designed for wet road surfaces; safer driving. At the same time, the new car is also supporting night vision support systems with an undercurrent asylum icon and complete links with smart intelligence.

Since the second generation of the 911, the adapted model has been an essential member of the family, not just a symbol of sport and youth, but also a way of life which is both both committed and romantic. The new 9 9 Carrera S Cabriolet is not only powerful, but has a soft roof supported by an alloy of magnesium-aluminum, and a wind shield comes on top in soft crops, which are not Much the same thing is like the hard thing when he closes. So the profile of the crop is good in aerodynamics and its speed is only around 12 seconds in the 50 km / h range. In addition, an electric air defense is provided at the neck of the driver to reduce wind speed during running. At the same time, the rapid defense system set up behind the front seats is made of high-strength aluminum lion and can become dense than the body.

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