The construction of a large Alpha network is located at 30.504 billion yuan. The business party guarantees a net yield of 10.3 billion in 4 years.

On the afternoon of November 23,from

Big network(002558) to allow the additional supportReorganizationDraft. Compared to the previous reorganization plan, in the draft reorganization published, in accordance with the relevant audit and evaluation report issued by the inspection center and its. valuation group, the large network determines the price of the last group and the shared data provided on basic solos and; business;AchievementDuties and compensation arrangements, etc. A big deal of Alpha was set at 30,504 billion yuan, and the business party promised a net profit of 10.3 billion yuan for 4 years.

DeclarationIt is shown that the Giant Network is expected to buy Chongqing, Shanghai Zhuji, Fanhai Investment, Shanghai Hongchang, Shanghai Yiyi, Shanghai Hao, Chongqing Jiezi, Hongyi Chuangling, Hongjing Guosheng and Kunming Jinrun to distribute shares. All common Alpha class classrooms. After completing the feature, its & # 39; registered company Alpha All common sections and indirectly and maintains common Alpha & Class B shares through Hong Kong Giant. The registered companies will keep 100% of the Alpha section.

According to the Assets Assessment Report issued by China Enterprise, on June 30, 2018, the equivalent value of Alpha 100% 33.651 billion yuan, and b. The activity target was 46,000 shares of the common Alpha Class A shares; company. It is 99.9783% of the total Alpha section, with a approximate estimate of 33.644 billion yuan. There are 10 sections of the entire B section of Hong Kong, and # 39; including 0.0217% of the total Alpha total division.

After negotiations with the parties to the business, b & # 39; He considered matters for all the Alpha Class A general divisions of 30,504 billion yuan, which were consistent with change to trading plan.

In this case, Chongqing Zhuji and Shanghai Zhuji will be able to; commit compensatory remedies, and carry out duties of performance and compensation based on his / her duties; price they get. If the action is completed by 31st December 2018, the performance compensation period is 2018, 2019, and 2020; if the settlement is finalized after 31 December 2018, the performance compensation period is 2018. 2019, 2020 and 2021. If the performance compensation period is between 2018 and 2020, the compensator is committed to the target company.Net yieldThey are 2.37 billion yuan, 2.511 billion yuan and 2.658 billion yuan respectively. If the compensatory compensation period is from 2018 to 2021, the remit is committed to total profits; The company targeted 2.37 billion yuan, 2.511 billion yuan, 2.658 billion yuan and 2.766 billion yuan.

(Article: Beijing Business Daily)

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