The Disney Pictures World Box Office is B & B; up to $ 7 billion in 2018. More than half of the overseas box office – Films – cnBeta.COM


According to foreign media statements, Disney Pictures has exceeded $ 7 billion in the global box office in 2018. This is the second time in Hollywood's history that a single movie company has a $ 7 billion box box. A & # 39; The first time it was Disney, they were at the box office in 2016. It was $ 7.6 billion that was to achieve a breakdown of recordings. On December 9th, Disney's total overseas box office was $ 4.069 billion this year, and a total box office in North America was $ 2,948 billion.


So far, four of the world's largest eight-world films have come from Disney, "Avengers 3", "Black Panther", "Superman Story 2" and "Ant Man 2". Among them, Disney's box "Avengers 3: Infinite War" box with $ 2 billion box office; "Black Panther" and a global box office of $ 1,347 billion afterwards; the third "Superman Moving 2" was global. Office Office & # 39; $ 1.241 billion box.

According to Disney's current public film released in 2019, "Cross 2" will live live animation, "live animation" Aladdin "," Little Little Elephant live film ". Disney Pictures will still be able to create another box office in 2019.


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