The ECG Series 4 Watch Series is open in the US

Looking back to Apple's annual conference three months ago, the official news is that the Apple Watch Series's ECG capabilities will definitely be the most important of the produce in the evenings. Today, this ultimate feature is finally available in the US with the latest watchOS 5.1.2 system. At the same time, the factory put in mind souvenir to find an irregular heart rate for Apple Watch modules.

However, according to the US FDA, this ECG device can not be used on Watch Series 4 but for reporting the person who carries out, and their age must be less than 22 year old. At the same time, they also stressed that consumers should not "take medical steps" based on the readings on the watch. Users should always go to an appropriate professional doctor to ask about the situation. It is worth mentioning that some medical experts believe that there may be errors that Apple Watch could have to do; take the person who travels without use. Apple's idea is to launch the FDA advice, telling people who should not watch the Apple Watch 4 Series with judging devices.

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