The rich coral species found in the deep reef range of the Great Barrier Reef – here are still many, not every day – Technology every day

2018-12-13 01:15:58 Source: Daily technology

(Source: This is the official site of the Royal Society of England Reorganization: Narrator Zhang Mengran)


Global warming has led to rising seawater temperature, with a contagious impact on coral reefs, fragile ecosystem. The most difficult coral reef screw was made in 2016, and it is considered that this situation is less likely to be "back", and many surviving coral reefs are still slowly dying. But the researchers found that although coral reefs were held in many parts of the world, coral reefs in some areas were in good condition and some were still growing.

Researchers at the Queensland Museum of Australia reported in the Journal of the Royal Society of British B that found 195 species of coral species in the deep Barrier Reef reef field through remote steamed carriages and professional diving , compared to 32 species previously recorded. Increase greatly. The deep reef range represents about half of the coral species in the area, and the coral reef range is deeper than its; provides extra protection from severe storm events. At the same time, most coral strings are found in deep reefs, so this habitat can have an important role to play in a & # 39; Protect the diversity of coral reefs and can contribute to the restoration of thin reefs.

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