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The same thing is full of guns, why do not football fans just ask Fan Zhiyi to stop Hao Haidong? – Recognize member –

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The original title: the same thing is full of guns, why does Fan Zhiyi Football Club not just ask for Hao Haidong?

Football Clubs have not been invited to Yao Ming, but after that he moved the "Yao Ming" model.

Yao Ming: What is your own one who wants me Yao Ming? It's clear that it's awful!

According to statements, Fan Zhiyi, the Korean Japan World Cup national football in 2002, has resigned his position to Shanghai Shenhua and goes to the Football Association for work. The special work is still to be confirmed. However, in the case of a vacant president of the Football Association today, is it true that the "General Fan Da" wants to change to become a "President Fan Da"?

Zhang Bin: Do not forget to cover your belt in the future!

Encouraged by the success of Yao Ming in the Basketball Association, the "professional management of professional affairs" model also has a focus on different sporting areas in China. The Zhiyi Fan competition to the Football Association is also being published as this spirit is published. So far, the 5th World Cup World team met in Beijing: the head of the Jun Junhe national football team was appointed as the head of the National Management Department and a training team, Yang Chen and Shao Jiayi were appointed as a national team training director, and Peng Weiguo is a youth training leader at the men's football team. Along with Fan Zhiyi, who is still waiting today, it's a big name.

Recoba: Do you play chess?

As well as China's football team, the Chinese Football Association has also begun to re-use football professionals in women's football. The Chinese women's football team played against Sun Wen as the leader of the women's football youth training department and women's football youth training director. The ongoing partnership of these stars and football experts fully shows that the Football Association has taken a further step in the & # 39; concept "professionals doing professional things".

Fan Zhiyi: I'm still a little bit ~~

However, it's amazing that even Fan Zhiyi, who has been punished badly, has been hired by the Football Association. Why was Hao Haidong, who really likes the people, waiting for a long time to be re-used?

Hao Haidong: He's been working for up to three years!

There is only one reason – people's views are good! After the conquest, Fan Zhiyi made a good idea and apologized to the referee. Since being punished by the Chinese Football Association to the present day, Fan Zhiyi was very careful when he appeared in the crowd. In the previous game A before, after the team's "old age" scannion was open, Fan Zhiyi was also very unusual and was not kept up to date.

Fan Zhiyi: Picture engineering is very important ~~~

Not only that, but the leadership of General Fan is also essential. In the last two meetings by Sports Director, Mr Qi Zhongwen, they left a good idea of ​​their leadership. This was the first time this year's October, with Fan Zhiyi along with Xu Genbao to Beijing to attend a high level exchange meeting. Fan Zhiyi had a 5-minute speech in her; This meeting raised the interests of senior executives. Both sides were made in that meeting. Friendly interaction.

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