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The unsuccessful non-agricultural report left a reduction in how the market was expected to; market expecting rates of mental rates. At the beginning of the session, good news was issued. Three US stock index lists opened; lower and RMB rises over land over 90 points. The three main indexes fell later. The S & P transit fell by 1.7%, Nasdaq fell by over 2%, Nvidia fell by more than 6%, and Apple fell by more than 2%. Update

Following the unsatisfactory recruitment report unfit to be released in November, US stocks held the balance of the previous day. The three indexes were opened below. At the beginning of the session, good news was reported. They set US stocks once, but dropped back to the depressed dump with technology stock.

On Friday, December 7, Dow Jones Standard Standard opened 62.46 lower points, down 0.25% to 24,885.21 points. After the first version, it got 25,000 points, and the rise was 100 points. As a result of the recent refurbishment, it fell to a degree less than 24,600 points, and the decline was once more than 400 points.

The Nasdaq Company Index opened 27.86 lower points, decreased from 0.39% to 7106.40 points. After the uprising, he returned to over 7200 points, but then dropped his case down. According to the latest update, the daily reduction was over 140 points, falling by more than 2%. South Westerly

The S & P 500 index opened a lower 4.99 points, down 0.19% to 2690.96 points. After the opening, the S & P 50-day mobile average has fallen to a lower than its 200-day mobile average, and creating a so-called bargain. After the news of the trade came out at the beginning of the session, he turned quickly and he discovered the 2700 marks. As the latest update, it dropped again with 2,700 points, a decline of almost 1.7%.

Encouraged by commercial news, RMB has already risen against US earnings over 90 points, and 6.8720 arrives. Since then, the benefits of declining change are gradually transformed. As an update, it has decreased to 6.89 marks.

Among the 11 sections of the S & P 500 inscription, the information technology department has declined, with a fall of more than 2%. Inner Semiconductor Philadelphia 2.52% Induction level fell, Nvidia and AMD fell by more than 6%, and NXP fell by almost 3%. Broadcom achieved its benefits, but the benefits were reduced to less than 2%, while 4% rose at the beginning of the session. Earlier, Broadcom published the quarter-quarter revenue and net income, as well as its full-year financial management for FY 2019, which was more than expected . Thog a & # 39; The company also made its quarterly season and re-purchased a $ 6 billion department.

The main technology guide fell. Before the market, Morgan Stanley charged Apple's target price from $ 253 to $ 236. Apple fell 1% at the beginning of the session. As the higher market converts, the decline has been lost to less than 0.5%, but the decline has expanded. According to the renewal, it fell by more than 2.5%. Netflix fell 4.7%, IBM fell 3.7%, and Amazon dropped more than 2.5%.

During the session, stocks in stock market fell over 8%. Previously, many brokers, including Morgan Stanley, were to produce a level or target price; company. Alibaba, rising by more than 1% at the beginning of the session, turned off lower and fell by more than 1%. Pinto (PDD) fell over 9%, Iqiyi (IQ) fell by over 5%, and the head fell (QTT) and Weilai Motors (NIO) over 4%.

At the beginning of the session, Tesla rose 1.7%. After the fall market, it still opposed its market, and the increase was over 3%. After Jeffrey re-updated the Tesla brand from buying to buy, after the Tesla Fremont plant, Jefferies said that Tesla has shown that it is possible to provide profit and self-financing, which will increase greatly on productivity in the future.

Prior to market, OPEC + initially agreed to reduce the product with 1.2 million barrels per day. The decrease was b. higher than previous market news, and 5% international oil prices rose. At the beginning of the session, energy stock rises together. The energy measurement S & P 500 grew by 2.8%; The Schlumberger and Chesapeake energy increased by more than 4%, ConocoPhillips increased by more than 3%, Chevron and CNOOC in the US increased by more than 2%; Exxon Mobil Sinopec rises by more than 1%; Sinopec fell just 0.2% in the US.

Non-agricultural report question in November: What effect is it? What kind of interest is it?

Wall Street has previously stated that the Wall Street Journal told Thursday that deer officials are considering whether they should take a new idea again next year, It could be triggering the level. The Vine will usually rule this new, unforestall approach to the economy and market performance in the coming weeks. Following the release of the report, the US stock market fell rapidly and Nasdaq moved higher.

The non-farm payment payments report before this market was shown this week, in the United States, 155,000 unpaid payers were added in November, an increase of 55,000 from October, a reduction of 43,000 compared to market expectations. Salary growth in November was also worse than expected. In conjunction with the above report on Thursday, a non-agricultural report on Friday, some market partners believed that non-agricultural data could affect the level of interest of the Deer.

But Kate Warne, investment investor at Edward Jones, said that non-agricultural data is defined on market, and the situation remains strong, especially good, but enough to be a & # 39; maintain the current rate rate.


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