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The VAT rate is down, oil prices are now lower

All journalists Zhang Zhongyin, each edited by Chen Xu

According to the government's work report requirements this year and their specific performance work, from 1st April, China will be reducing the VAT rate – the current 16% tax rate, the tax rate which has changed to 13%; the tax rate of 10% which applies to the first stage, the rate of tax varying to 9%.

On March 29, published by the Development Commission, the official website for the Redevelopment of Value Added Tax has been published by the Ministry of Finance, Administration of Tax Administration, and the Referendum Notice on "Reinforcing the Depreciation Policy". and the General Administration of Customs, after a downturn in business rates from 1 April. The VAT rate will be developed by oil production from 16% to 13%. In the light of the decision of the National Development and Reform Commission, the maximum price of domestic and diesel gasoline will be reduced by 225 yuan and 200 yuan per tonne, from 24:00 on 31 March, 2019 (s). So, 0:00 on 1 April.

In addition, the Commission for Development and National Reform called for the reduction in the rate of cross-transmission and the spread of regional clerk tax, from 16% to 13%, to reduce the rate of transmission. reduce the general business and commercial prices. Death. The National Development and Reform Commission has called for a reduction in the standard industrial and commercial transfer rate and distribution rates of sectors (devolved regions and towns) accordingly.

Many oil prices have returned to the 6-yuan period.

According to Longzhong Information, as the value added tax rate of crude oil products has fallen from 16% to 13%, the gas price and diesel price rate will be reduced from 0:00 on 1 April, and the cost of each tonne of gasoline down by 225 yuan and diesel oil with 200 yuan, equivalent to gasoline per liter. These are: No. 89, 0.17 yuan, No. 92, 0.18 yuan, No. 95, 0.19 yuan; number of diesel oil, 0.17 per cent per liter.

Xu Na, the results analysis of Zhuo Chuang Information, told Daily Daily News that a value-added tax reduction on newly developed oil products will first benefit the Scottish market. -eveloped home, and reduces the maximum selling price.

Following the increase in the price of oil sales for the home from 24:00 on 28 March, the average price for most areas was 92 92% back into “7-yuan”. However, the level of VAT generated formally at 4 pm on 31 March resulted in a fall in the gasoline and diesel price of 0.17 yuan / liter, which also indicates that the majority of gasoline is supplied. on-going after “3-yuan” time 3 days. Return to "6-yuan time."

Xu Yu, analysis at Zhongyu Information, said that this will bring benefits to final consumers and reduce the price of oil to residents. At the same time, screenwriters can reduce tax burden, reduce costs, or invest in new technology and processes. To improve competitiveness.

This is not the first time the price of modified oil products has decreased as a result of changes in the VAT rate. Previously, in April 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission issued notification on 1 May of that year that the value added tax rate of fine oil products was reduced by 17%. to 16%. Yuan.

In addition to the oil price, the price of electricity and electricity was reduced by changes in the VAT rate. The National Development and Reform Commission has called for a reduction in the price of transmission and the use of regional energy campaign initiatives in a bid to reduce the industrial and commercial price of the products t in principle, after 1 April 2019. Potential regions of the provinces (autonomous regions and jurisdictions) will examine and recommend quickly the VAT rate of their energy initiatives to reduce the standard industrial and commercial prices and to reduce their contribution to energy products. in accordance with the consent of the government of the province, and to make the report to the National Development and Reform Commission (Department of Prices) for submission. At the same time, the level of business emissions and business and general trade dispersal in many sectors (devolved regions and regions) will be reduced accordingly.

In addition, NDRC asked for the price of natural gas meter gates to be altered from April 1. Price in the natural gas sale price should be priced by authorities. consider the reasons for VAT level reduction and the benefits of VAT redevelopment to the benefit of users.

Qingming will travel self-advantage

What are the effects of reduced tax rates and lower oil and electricity prices on car owners and related businesses and enterprises?

Jiangxi Province for example, after the change in price is the highest price of No. 92 gasoline 6.83 yuan / liter; the maximum price of a Ref. 95 gasoline 7.33 yuan / liter; The maximum selling price for motor diesel is 0 6.55 yuan / liter The maximum selling price for diesel is -10 7.00 yuan / liter.

Following a reduction in the price of oil, the cost of car use will be reduced for residents who plan to travel by car at the Ching Ming Festival holidays. According to the general household fuel fuel small fuel of 50L, after the price reduction, the owners who box a box of 92 gasoline consume 9 yuan less.

Long-haul Information Oil Inspectorate, Liu Ting, said that following the introduction of April 1's tax reduction policy, the first change will be based on the gas-based gas finishing market. The price cuts in the upstream and wholesale connections are medium-sized, and the time limit for changes may be delayed due to the impact of taxation. The short-term cuts also depend on the game between buyers and retailers and the market changes.

Xu In the analysis of reporters there is a marked difference in the supply and demand in the market for domestic oil for the reformed oil industry, in particular for independent refineries. The reduction in the VAT rate will help to reduce further the corporate physical weight, distribute liquidity, and increase market activity. According to the estimate of Zhuo Chuang data, based on annual yield and average gasoline price in 2018, the rate of added value will be reduced by 3 percentage points, and the tax burden will be reduced by around 34 billion. yuan at the end of the sale.

The appropriate person responsible for the National Development and Reform Commission said PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC should organize the organization and distribution of fine oil products to ensure that there is a sustainable supply of the market and a the implementation of a national pricing policy. Departments should be relevant in different places to check and analyze a market, to explore and punish without imposing national price policies, and to maintain orderly order in the market. Users are able to disclose discounted rates through the price control platform 12358.

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