Wakifu Shishi Cup protects three Wang Zhu Ting shoots 21 points in a & # 39; MVP sport five stars female ballot World Cup – Sina.com

  1. Wijifu Cup Shijia defends Zhu Ting's three-crowned throne with 21 points in MVP sport five stars female balloon Sina Club Cup World Cup
  2. World Cup Cup women Zhu Ting Rong MVP, first person in the 11th post, Sina.com
  3. Zhu Ting 21 celebrates Wakif 3-0 World Cup Minas to defend the three crowns of Sina
  4. Ball of Scotland Ballot World Cup Zhu Ting real-color exhibitions real 58% of Spectators success CARA Sina.com
  5. Zhu Ting again confirmed that this was the time given by Wei Jizhong to the wedding party.
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