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What's in gamma ray? He can drain a tumor and his / her; Galaxy Light – Science Quest – cnBeta.COM

The time of Beijing on December 18 news, according to foreign media statements, gaming gaming is in a type of electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves, infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and microwaves. Ray rays can be used for cancer treatment, and gamma-ray bursts are a major focus on rhetoric research. Electromagnetic radiation can be broadcast in the shape of waves or cereals with different fats and frequencies.

NASA Fermi Gamma Space Telescope is a wide range of data for the two years, and shows the appearance of a gloss, under a lock-rays, in this broad view.

Gamma storm storm dispute map

The range of wavelength cover is called the electromagnetic spectrum and is typically divided into seven parts. As the wavelength reduces, the energy and frequency increase. The seven sections of radio wave, microwave, intestine light, obvious light, ultra-biolet light, X-shaped, and gamma rays are typically divided.

Gamma rays are higher in the electromagnetic spectrum of "soft X-rays", with a frequency of more than 1018 Hz second and wave less than 100 picometers (1 picometer equivalent to 1 trillion of meter).

The position of gamma rays and hard rays X in the electromagnetic spectrum can interfere with each other, so it is difficult to be different from the two. In a range of astrophysics, online scientists will put the difference of rays over a special wave of wave into X-ray, and below is the special wavewater of gamma gaming. The two gamma and radiative X-ray radius are a biological device capable of destroying. However, almost every gamma game in the acronym is not blocked by Earth's atmosphere.

Find gamma disease

The gamma ray was first discovered in 1900 by the French chemicalist Paul Villard when he was learning radiation radiation. A few years later, the chemist and Ernest Rutherford's scientist praised the name "gamma ray" according to the alpha and wind created by the nuclear immigrant. This name has been retained to date. South Westerly

Source and effects of gamma ray

Gamma gaming is largely made up of four nuclear reactions: nuclear fusion, nuclear abduction, alpha decay, and gamma decomposition.

Nuclear fusion is an energy source for the sun and other stars. The revival is carried out in a number of steps. With high pressure temperatures, four protonents or hydrogen nicons are sequenced to polymerise in nuclides with helium with two protons and two neodons. The size of the Helium cellar is about 0.7% less than most of the four protocols. According to Einstein's major equation E = mc ^ 2, this part of the large difference is converted into energy, and two thirds of the gamma energy. The horseshoe form will be released. (The remaining energy is released in the form of neutrinos, hedgehog is very interactive with very little zero). At the end of the world's life, after it's getting hydraulic fuels, the elements that are created by a nuclear fusion will be able to; getting heavier and heavier to the iron element. But the energy generated at each stage will also reduce its energy.

It is another source of gamma rays in nuclear powder, and people should know it. National Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory explains nuclear exclusion as: a heavier atomic nostalgia; separately divided separately, which is a more lightweight device. This process includes the influence of other elements. When the windows are heavier, such as uranium and thorium striking with other items, they will be divided into lighter elements such as sputum and sputum. The new items that will be made by bombing their & # 39; hitting other heavy weapons and making chain migration. Energy will also be released through this process because the amount of the bulk of the pieces made by the fission is lower than most of the original heavy windows. This part of the majority is also converted into energy, in the form of genuine energy, neutrinos and gamma rays of smaller nucleus.

Alpha decay and gamma decomposition can also create gamma. Alpha decomposition occurs when heavy glazing is & # 39; spread 氦 -4 cockles, the number of atoms is reduced, and the atomic weight of its atom is; decreased by 4. This process means that there is too much energy in its & # 39; noises, and more energy is spread like gamblers. If there is too much energy in the nausea, gamma piping will be happening, producing gaming gamma without changing the cost or inscription of magnitude.

Gamma ray therapy

Gamma gamma can cause DNA damage to tumor cells and so sometimes they are used to cure strange diseases. However, care needs to be taken when you use this medicine as gamma gamma also has a & # 39; DNA destroys of wild wild cells around.

It is one way to find out what their effects are; Cancer cells have long radiation and the radiation causes healthy cells to go; Reducing a wide variety of gamma rays from different occupations through linear acceleration to a small area. Here's how the CyberKnife and Gamma Knife cure are working.

Radiosurgery Gamma Knife uses a special device to annoy on almost 200 radical attacks on brain tumors or other targets. All types of radiation affect the brain that passes through, but the big snap is a radiation dose.

Gamma Ray and Astronomy

Gamma ray breaking is one of the most interesting gamma sources. This is an amazing high-tech event that comes from a few millions to a few minutes. Scientists then appeared first in the 1960s, and now they are seen every day.

NASA said that gamma bursts are "the most powerful way of light". Clarity is hundreds of times higher than normal supernova, about one trillion hours per sun.

According to Robert Patterson, a professor of science at the Missouri State University, scientists once thought that a waterfall debris came from the end of the black-haired black hole. But now scientists believe that windstorm bursts should come from controlling close things such as neutron stars. There are also teas that there may also be a galaxy galaxy gamma when high-grade stars and black holes fell.

Despite the source of its source, the gamma screw is a gives enough energy to glue a whole galaxy in a second. However, since the Earth's air can obstruct its & # 39; Most of the rays of rays can only be watched by high-intensity and cellular viewpoints.

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