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Original title: Water and snow treatment and frozen accidents must Xu Dazhe: Preparing for preparation

Xu Dazhe stressed the continent video conference call to deal with water and snow weather

Early use

Prepare well

On the morning of December 11th, after its national consortium on the prevention and control of African pig fever, the government held a video conference on climate response to the water and snow accident.

On the morning of the 11th of December, after its national consortium in terms of Strengthening the prevention and control of African pig fever, the region's government prevented and controlled African pig fever, and then held a video conference on weather response to the water and snow accident. Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of the party committee and governor of the area, stressed that early use must be taken and the initiative taken to respond, and a good job in preparing for the safety of production and life.

Former Governor Yan Zhongcheng, Chen Fei, and secretary of the Wang Qun department came to the meeting.

Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of party committee and governor of the district, was the leader of the meeting and gave a speech. The above illustrations were presented by Hunan Daily · New Hunan Client Journalist Zhao Zhi

Xu Dazhe stressed that each level and division of the spirit of the national video firewall should be done in detail to prevent and control African pig fever, and diligently do good work in prevention and current control, barriers and control of the area, changes in circulation, market pork provision, etc. Make sure that the situation of a African pig fever disease is set to ensure the sustainability and distribution of its necklace market over the "two fèis" period.

In recent days, ice and snow frost weather has a special impact on making and running. Most of the entire region, especially northwest Hunan, northern Hunan and Middle Hunan. According to the theoretical department's rehearsal, rainfall temperatures and snow weather will be held in the middle and end of January and early February of our division. Xu Dazhe said that it is essential to plan, use early, and prevent it. With a high degree of political awareness, we need to work well in weather and snow and ice accidents. We must comply with the human-based development ideology, strengthening our understanding of the importance of preventing water, fire and ice, tightening, water accidents; Strengthening the baseline ideas, and preparation for perfect preparation. Party leaders and cadres at all levels, especially the "leaders" must go deeper. On the first line, to & # 39; hang on the front to stop "everything" from happening, and its protecting people's life and social security and social harmony and sustainability.

Xu Dazhe said we need to do everything to ensure traffic safety, energy security, fire safety, and people's human security. Strengthening the inspection and monitoring of key traffic and complex road enclosures, enhancing the implementation of road law enforcement and traffic order, traffic flow information and distribution; reducing the impact of snow and ice traffic on road traffic and safe driving. Setting the thermal coal solar, and # 39; strengthening oil and gas security, actively responding to the effects of water and snow and energy irrigation on energy and transformation, communication and water supply and gas supply facilities, and safety surveys and organized safety maintenance to ensure There is no solar water supply, power supply, solar supply and communications. Is circulated Strengthen the safety of electricity surveillance and monitor and maintain fire fighting facilities to prevent lower electricity heating devices from entering the market and, ensure fire safety. We will emphasize the people's basic human activity, to analyze the impact of water and snow and the frost heavily on having; doing and life are great, and his & her; making pre-plans and solutions in advance to ensure that the people are in trouble enough to eat, warm clothes and live comfortably.

Xu Dazhe said that it is essential to strengthen an accident and early warning and emergency response. Analyze our continental meteorological analysis, strengthening the analysis of the effects and effects of the weather, and # 39; doing good work in the short, short term, multi-channel, broad coverage, high warning spread of accident warning information and disaster prevention and avoid working methods Make a great deal to & # 39 ; blocking and & # 39; avoid accidents; create practical and impossible emergency plans, the provision of emergency materials, equipment and teams; Caring for the care and protection of emergency duty during the weather of rain, snow and snow disasters to ensure smooth information and periodic statements. Scientific response and time management. We need to comply with overall coordination, local responsibility and departmental coordination, and reinforce the responsibility of; comparing, diligently doing good work in the relevant work of the department, industry, field and unit, and sets out the key role of the campaign, and ensure that the safety of its party is hard work.

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