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News Agency / NOWnews

(Liu Lirong, Taipei, 21st) Journalist's Media News reporter, Zhang Wuxiu and Gao Yongcheng's steering committee Yang Zhonghe, convener of Dongao. He considered that the Ministry of Education and the Sports Department respected the Chinese Olympics to spread misleading information in an effort to influence the referendum. The Ministry can not make guidance.

Zhang Wuxiu has a different designation of the name of his delegation that participated in the Olympic Games in Taiwan over the years. Names of the agents change, and # 39; affecting the country's reputation and other situations. Zhang Wuxiu said the case will be scrutinized together.

Lin said Hong Kong in a meeting with athletes at the Kaohsiung National Sports Training Center that the East Olympics referendum could be "a danger that the Chinese Olympic Games will be arrested and put forward" and asking the players to stand and defend their rights.

Yang Zhonghe, who chaired the sports committee, said the chairman of the National Training Center was the chairman of Lin Tengwei, deputy head of the Ministry of Education. But Hong Hongdao has allowed "to attack the door", and the players have faced the referendum on East Olympics. The Ministry of Education and Sport Department do not support government subsidies.

Yang Zhonghe also said that the Chinese Olympics are opposed to government. The referendum law is a democratic form. The ability to comply with lawsuit and & # 39; referendum of the East Olympics. It's free from fear, I'm also hoping to vote everyone for the official name of Dongao.

Yang Zhonghe said that the number of votes is higher, more China has no place to steal the Chinese Olympics, and what he can show Taiwan's national situation.

Xu Yixiong, chairman of the former body committee, criticized Lin Hongdao. He did not contact the & # 39; The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the case of the East Olympics. He was at risk of threatening his own athletes. "If you have not yet gone out, you will be disturbed." (Editor: Lu Qianyao) 1071121

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