China's leading growth program to the dark side of its moonlight


The Chang & # 39; e-4 moon probe was launched on Friday. If everything is done according to the plan, the spacecraft, which is named after a mythical baby, will send his / her; moon, the land in a few weeks in the Aitken bay, where it produces images of surface and soil samples.

A moon on land in this section will allow the study to explore the Chang & E4 research vehicle to explore Luna and a place that thanks to the lack of electromagnetic translocation from Earth.

The explorer, or the white rover, is often equipped with a radio speacrometer help scientists understand how the first stars were lits as it appeared on cosmos from the darkness after the Big Brag, "according to the official journalist of China, Xinhua.

The probe also carries full of potato seed and arabidopsis, a small liver of cabbage and mustard flowers. Scientists will try to grow plants on their; moon.


Chang e-4 can also carry silkworm eggs to make their first biological test. None of the government agencies involved in the space program – including the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for the National Protection, National Security of China Administration and the Lunar and Deep Space Research Office – have published information about the publication of the Changes e-4.

In May, China launched a satellite satellite called "Queqiao", which now distributes around 28,000 miles from Earth, where it can take a commercial opportunity to pull messages from the search vehicle to Earth.

Chang is the name in a series of tests that China has entered orbit and on land. The Chang-e-3 launched in 2013 and Yutu's explorer, or Jade Coinbit, examined geology and natural resources after getting calmly landed on the satellite .

The country also attempts to launch its first survey Mars at the end of this decade, according to a technical document on the Chinese space industry published in 2016. He also plans to build his own space in 2022, said Xinhua.

China wants to be one of the three main air conditions in the world by 2030, which last year said Wu Yanhua, Deputy Director of the Chinese National Security Administration.

The space budget is around $ 8,000 million a year, but the United States only, according to its Foundation Foundation, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

An NASA take a double track that includes the construction and maintenance of a clean and clean platform; send astronauts back to the midfielder in the mid 2020s, with the greatest aim of & # 39; sending people to Mars.

The Mars InSight spacecraft came ashore on its red planet; last month to explore the inside and help answer questions about the early days of the Solar System.

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