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There have been serious doubts about claims from a Chinese scientist that he has helped to make the babies from genetic preparation in the world.

Professor Jiankui says that the DNA changed their two girls, who were born a few weeks ago in remembrance to prevent them from getting HIV.

His bids, filmed by Associated Press, are certified and have been scrapped from other scientists, who have been calling to & # 39; think incredibly.

That work is banned in most countries.

Future generations

Gene editing can help you to avoid attractive diseases by & # 39; eliminate bad coding or changing difficult rights in recreation.

But experts may be able to; worrying a genome of causing harm not only to the individual but also for future generations who own the same changes.

And there are many laws, including the UK, by laws that are; restricting the use of ginoma in recreation for human rehabilitation.

Scientists can investigate gene cutting of IVF removals, as long as they are immediately destroyed and not used to make a baby.

Design & & # 39;

But the professor, educated in Stanford in the US and working from a lantern in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, says he used genealogy tools to make two young girls, known as "Lulu" and "Nana".

In a video, he says that he killed a gene called CCR5 to make the girls against HIV if they come into the virus.

He says that his work is about creating children who do not have to. suffering from diseases, instead of making alcoholic toddlers with special eye color or high IQ.

"I understand that my work is controversial – but I believe families need this technology and I'm willing to criticize them," he said in & # 39; video.

& Marvelous & # 39;

However, a number of agencies, including a hospital, are attached to the application to engage in any interest.

The University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen said he did not know the research project and will now launch a research.

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Media permissionFergus Walsh: "Creating a CRISPR generator … using molecular scissors to cut the two strands of DNA"

And other scientists say that the statements are true, the Professor has gone too far, trying to justify healthy recreation.

Professor Robert Winston, Professor Emeritus on Opportunity of Opportunity and Professor of Science and Society at Imperial College London, said: "If this is a false report, it is scientific and irrelevant misconduct.

"If it's true, it's still scientific misconduct."

King Dusko Ilic, an expert in King & College College of London chess scientists, said: "If it is said that this is funny, their understanding of life is quite different. from the rest of the world. "

He argues that HIV is heavily cured and if the disease is controlled by drugs, there is almost no risk that parents go to the baby at least .

Very sad

Professor Julian Savulescu, a specialist at the University of Oxford, said: "If it's true, this test is very spectacular. The minds were healthy – there are no known diseases.

"Generation is self-tested and is still associated with targeted tenants, which can cause genetic problems in the early and later stages of life, and include cancer development.

"These exams produce healthy normal children to genital behavioral risks for any necessary benefit."

Scientists say that a single-generation parent generator can be easy to use, but more studies and measurements are needed before they can do it.

Dr Yalda Jamshidi, a humanitarian expert in St George's, University of London, said: "We do not know much about the long-term effects, Some would have trials on people to simply avoid a state for morally and morally improperly improperly improvised.

"What are the results going up to a study or do not need to be a society to think hard about time and wherever we are prepared for the dangers that are going to be? come with any new medicine cure, especially those that may affect future generations. "

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