China's rover mission designed: Chang & e-4


China is expected to be the first country; ashore on the dark side of his moon. But Beijing is very unusual about the event – even confirming the suspicious date of this weekend.

It is believed to be believe that the Chinese National Spa Administration is aiming at robotic land at Von Karaman's skin, near the south side of the Moon. It is considered to be the oldest impact skin in the entire Solar System, making it a good collection for ice water and rare hydrogen infusion has been carried on sunshine.

Both have the potential to empower future international missions.

The name, Chang & e-4 (Dia 4 of moon), will be connected to the pit to examine what's there. He also states that attempting to grow underground planting will be tried.

For the purpose of being able, a communications satellite was launched earlier this year – in May – to bring its marks back to Earth. Part of the Chang's e-4 mission is to use a & # 39; moonlight to audio & radio & # 39; close and listen to interstate signals. He will test the clarity of telescopic solvents when it comes from the Earth's ionosphere accessibility.

If it is launched this weekend, Chang & # 4 is likely to go down on the surface of the page; moon on 31 December.

China has been focusing on her room efforts on her & her; Moon since its launch of its spatial program was completed in 2004. Two tests were performed in orbit-lun, Chang & e-1 and 2. B & # 39; Chang Chang's lunchtime is the first from 1976.

Chang & # 39; e-4 is in advance of another mission, Chang & # 5; which is launched next year. It is designed to build a sample of regolith (dusty surface of its moon) and return to Earth for analysis.

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