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Taoyuan Huahang's pilot division had been preparing for the strike before the Spring Festival. At 0:10 million yesterday (8th), the strike union unannounced. Due to this Huahang strike, Zhou Weihang, a professor at the University of China's Republic of Public, who wrote the name of the "Secretary of the Skui", said he would be closer to the Huahang strike, the more it is like A new move against the Yingzheng struggle, just five pity The hard words can be mentioned! Some internet users said, "I think Taiwan's new thank you!"

Taoyuan Branch of Taoyuan Professional Trade Union of Thaoyuan City first published the strike, including Songshan International Airport, Taoyuan International Airport, and aircraft. away from the Kaohsiung International Airport for about 20 aircraft. It was a strike on Huahang since the flight aider strike in 2016. In the history of his first strike on his & a pilot in Taiwan, a copywriting union sent a statement, a & # 39; China Airlines did not expect to negotiate with the staff on issues such as cross-plane aircraft.

Lin Jialong, the minister of transport lost for a while, played the strike and his / her; happening on the pilot. But it was delayed. controversy for a long time. Lin Jialong stayed until the flight came in, and even criticized the words and actions of Huahang's principal management to protect the trust and mutual trust. Wang Guocai, the second secretary of the government, continued on his gun and thought that China's settlement on China Airlines was too tough and unhappy. China's high-quality passengers describe Hehang Xuan, chair of China Airlines.

To continue this strike, Zhou Weihang wrote in Facebook that Xiaolu Green has now been cracked out of the strike, as in the last time he was just thrilled by his & # 39; Communist Party, but now it seems that it's like the # 39; new move vs. Su Yingzheng. Muladach and miserable. Indeed, ask the new department, Zheng Wencan, to protecting a chairman without the need for his own prizes, and then nobody knows what to do when there is a big package.

The new web is twisted and its & # 39; kicking on the net and leaving, "I'm feeling that the new move will be saved by Taiwan." It is a new version of legislators who say it is necessary to stop the alarm. "" The new move is very ugly, "" "Unexpected", "The original original devil behind He Wenxuan and Zheng Wencan", "As a new movement comes", "Nothing is enough! Good to have the value of Taiwan! "

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