Chinese ambassadors in Ottawa want to be arrested in Vancouver by Huawei Exec


VANCOUVER – China's ambassador in Ottawa wants to release Huawei Technologies's chief finance officer, arrested in Vancouver over the weekend and could be brought out to United States.

In a statement posted on Wednesday online, the ambassador says that Wanzhou Meng has not broken any laws in the US or Canada, and has severely hindered human rights.

He says that Jane will be closely related to the improvements on her. case and "taking every step to give proper protection to the rights and legitimate interests of Chinese citizens."

At the same time, clerk at B.C. A high court says that Meng was in a position; appears in court Wednesday and a hearing will be held for Friday.

Department of Justice spokesman, John MacLeod, in an email that Meng was arrested on Saturday, but no further information can be provided as there is a ban on the publication of his / her. Its application has come to fruition.

McLeod says that the US is seeking a balanced Meng.

It is not known what law is considered to have been scrapped in Canada.

In a statement, Huawei says that Meng is being sought to be separated to introduce non-specific costs in New York East. It was arrested when it was moving aircraft in Canada, said Huawei.

"The company has been given very little cost information and it is not aware that Mr Meng is committing any crime," said the statement. "The company believes that Canada's US and US legal systems will end at last."

Speaker of the US Department of Justice refused to & # 39; comment.

In April, China made an appeal to Washington to avoid business confidence following the Wall Street Journal report that US U.S. a & # 39; Investigates whether Huawei is breaking up on Iran in terms of technological tension; move.

Foreign minister spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China was hoping that the US would obstruct from performing actions that could be done. emphasizing investors' confidence in the US business environment and accumulate its rural economy.

That same month, Washington impeded the company Zwe Corp, Huawei, from to exporting the US technology in a case beyond exports to Iran and North Korea.

In his statement on Wednesday, Huawei said that his company has a " comply with all the laws and regulations in the countries where it works, including appropriate export control, licensing laws and United Nations, United States and European Union regulations.

The US President Trump has been at the risk of raising a charge on Chinese goods in response to complaints that Beijing is putting pressure on foreign companies into technology. That is widely regarded as part of a wider effort by Washington to respond to a closer competition with Chinese technology businesses that Trump says there is a benefit from substantial grants and market barriers. The growing and growing war of the & # 39; threatens the global economic growth and has established global browsers on the edge.

David Mulroney, a former ambassador in Canada for China, said US business and Canadian businesswoman can return to China.

"Something we should do is look out. It's a chance. China's plays are rough," said Mulroney to The Associated Press. "He is a prominent member of society and is a company that affirms China's tours for global recognition as a technology power."

Mulroney said Canada should have been prepared for a "susceptible fury" from the Chinese and said it will be designed in China when Canada sends to Trump. He also said that Iran's allegations were badly damaging to Huawei and said China's recovery was hard.

U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse, a Republican member of military services and banking committees, Canada's suggestion to arrest.

"The Americans are grateful that our partners in Canada have been arrested as the chief financial officer of a Chinese major telecom company for (apparently) to impose Scottish sanctions in the face Iran, "he said.

Meng is a prominent member of the Chinese society as vice president of the Huawei board and daughter of the founder of Ren Zhengfei.

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