Chinese and Chinese first are Chinese, to be reconstructed in the world


Sunday Sunday the Chinese scientist e Jiankui record a video where he says that this is the first one that manages his & # 39; using Crispr-Cas9 embryos born now. They should have two pairs of children and b> The aim is to bring them against HIV disease. Will be e Jiankui did you do itbut to delete it Gene to create a port where the virus can be accessed cells. It has turned into pairs where one parent is turned HIV.

In his video he is comparatively e Jiankuis The new technology with IVF and today's acceptance.

"The cation media created around their first IVF birth, but for forty years, laws and morality have grown with technology, which has helped over eight million children come to the world. Another of IVF is genetic surgery and it means that only a few families help, he says, and respond to their # 39 ; Ability to give children the chance to be born without infections.

e Jiankuis participation controversial, especially because of thatto take tube The ownership of children who will then get on the estate the next generation. There are other risks to redesign. Secondly, another gene may be deleted. Secondly, there seems to be a danger that other viruses can be more than so nilfeber. There is also a question that parents know about all the dangers and if the technology is sufficiently mature to make people try.

Outcome e Jiankuis Efforts are not published or consolidated by independent sources, but it is said that it is presented at this week's conference. Chinese authorities are currently saying that they have begun to investigate the case.

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