Chinese contractors to protect water with duct failure?


In terms of the Da Nang-Quang Ngai high-speed project with a capital of VND34,000 billion, the Vietnam Expressway Development and Development Company (VEC) investor stated that he finished repairing after finding. devastating elephant beds, road basins and underground tile sewers.

However, repairing burning in underground tunnels is causing disturbance to people who are infected. going on projects. In particular, in the tunnel of the population passed through town 4 (Tam My Tay commune, the Nui Thanh district, the Quang Nam division) after having a series of layouts of movement tapes at places remote.

According to the PV's view, this tunnel has four functions at the highest tunnel failure available with a range of 20x30cm. Taps are transported quickly and formally. Some shift indicators have been scattered.

    34,000 billion Highway: Chinese contractors protect water with duct failure? - Picture 1.

Stamped on top of the underground tunnel through Tam My Tay commune

Mr Nguyen Huu Thuan (SN 1962, who lived in Tam My Tay) said this is underground; go away. He dropped water from the road into the stream. Submersible underwater floods under 50 cm are very difficult.

"We have raised the fact that a group of staff came here about two months saying that the loss was repaired.

I do not understand what kind of protection they are so hard. They are ready but the last water of blues is still burning as it was before, "Mr. Thuan.

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People are not aware of the cause of failure

Tam My Tay commune authorities also have a bad impact on their & # 39; quick preservation and quiz about the water protection method. Tran Van Vu, Chairman of the People of My Tam Commune Committee, said that staff had been repaired after the tunnel was discharged and the repair was not effective.

"I do not know what they are doing," said Vu.

According to Truong Van Trung, former chairman of the Nui Thanh District People's Committee, the local authorities will send a written request to the investor and the contractor to clarify the item. In addition, local contractors need to be repaired because their current move is still there.

"This tunnel section is related to the A2 package, which was developed by Shandong Bridge Construction (China) Limited," said Trung.

    34,000 billion Highway: Chinese contractors protect water with duct failure? - Picture 3.

Failure in the bottom bottom

Da Nang – The Quang Ngai route with a total capital of over 34,500 billion dong will be used in September 2015.

However, the new project was damaged for more than a month. In addition to this, 21 bridges show the water to be; get involved in danger.

The Ministry of Transport has attempted to halt a & # 39; tax collection to make full repairs. The VEC investor will then proceed to repair it and raise the tax again. There are 107 bridges, 4 bridges crossing the river, 103 bridges and bridges; 151 underground excavations, 168 drainage coasts and 281 round enclosures.

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