Chinese created the first babies with genetic editing Terms of Use


A Chinese scientist said he had created his first children produced by breeding, and grew against HIV. However, its international community has said that the campaign has already been denied and denied; ask the government to make an explanation. Despite the behavioral disputes, He Jiankui, a researcher at the University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), in the Chinese Chinese town, appeared to have participated in the " The first change to the embryos of Nazi in the world.

Their work was born fruit "several weeks" Two pairs, who alter the DNA to protect their HIV virus. Accordingly, the children, Lulu and Nana, are in good health and describe their father, MarkHe is HIV positive and he never thought he could be a father.

In order to achieve this milestone, it used the gene editorial tool called CRISPR / Cas9, which works as a "scissors" molecol that allows "cutting" and changes in DNA. It was through that she turned a gene until her A small virus that causes AIDS to & # 39; protect the small ones.

His development began in the laboratory and then the depression was inserted into a maternal uterus, and later, they proved to be the only genetic behavioral behavior. "No other genes have changed"He said. "I feel strong that not just do something for the first time, but also for the example", said the geneticist, added that it will be a society "Determine what you will do again."


While it's & # 39; Waiting for official declaration of the work led by the generator, has already been criticized. In Shenzhen, south-eastern China, scientists have made sure that anyone has taken the necessary license to develop their genetic gain, at the same time that they have investigated the foundations the expert.

Therefore, the National Health Commission introduced concern and order "check out promptly and clarify their case"."We need to be responsible for the health of people and we will act according to the law"In the same sense, SUSTech said himself," he said "very awesome" with the news, since the investigation was not known, so "they did not know this research project and its nature ".

So, they revealed that the Academic Department of Biotechnology was "He believes Dr He Jiankui's behavior is to use CRISPR / Cas9 for the preparation of human embryos that significantly break the ethics and academic codes of conduct."

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